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If you want to UPDATE YOUR JOBSEEKER PROFILE, click here. is the leading employment website in Colorado connecting thousands of local job seekers with employers each and every month. According to a recent survey, 70% of employers posting jobs found Andrew Hudson's Jobs List the best site for finding new employees. 


It's quick and easy. Fill out the job submission form and click through to pay for the posting. 

1.) The new edition of AH Jobs List is published every Tuesday morning around 10 a.m. Your job(s) are placed in the category(ies) you choose and are sent to the email inboxes of more than 25,000 subscribers. That's right; we don't sit around and wait for job seekers to visit the site, we broadcast weekly to one of the most loyal and honed list of qualified professionals in the area.

2.)  If your job is posted AFTER THE TUESDAY EDITION, we'll post it in the section called JOBS THAT JUST CAN'T WAIT and then send out daily via social networks to the 13,000+ job seekers who follow Andrew Hudson's Jobs List on Twitter and Facebook. These jobs are posted and broadcast around 7 a.m. every Wednesday-Friday. We'll then add them to the following week's edition.

3.) In addition, attracts more than 50,000 page views each and every week!

What's different about Andrew Hudson's Jobs List?
Our subscribers opt in to receive your job posting via a weekly email broadcast; plus, these subscribers (80% of whom are currently employed) are actively looking for a new job. We've created a model that targets local job seekers in specific niche industries, so while you might post your job on a national job posting website and have to sort through thousands of resumes from throughout the country, on Andrew Hudson's Jobs List, you can be confident that you are reaching the best talent in your community. Consider the following:
  • up to 80% of job-seeking subscribers are currently employed, but are looking to change jobs.
  • 35% of surveyed subscribers consider themselves mid-level job seekers.
  • 30% of surveyed subscribers consider themselves 'seasoned' employees.
  • 35% of surveyed subscribers consider themselves entry level job seekers.
  • 99% of subscribers believe that is the best website for finding a new job.
 What does this mean?
  • Your job posting will reach the best local talent.
  • Interviewing and screening is easier and less costly with local candidates as you can avoid relocation fees.
  • Because Andrew Hudson's Jobs List is targeted locally, we are able to control costs easier and pass that savings on to you, the employer.
  • You will get the benefit of local jobs maven, Andrew Hudson who will offer the best hands-on, personalized advice and customer service for your employee search in the metro area. Hudson has the pulse of industry and job trends and more importantly, access to thousands of the area's most talented individuals who are looking for a job or are considering a transition.

How does it work?
Our service is simple - fill out the job submission form, make payment. Shortly thereafter, your posting will be Tweeted to thousands of AH Jobs List followers. The following Tuesday, your job will post online and be emailed to thousands of professionals who subscribe to the weekly job posting updates. Your job will remain on the site for up to four weeks. The resumes from our loyal list of subscribers will start arriving directly to you—often within hours!

After you have entered your job information and hit the SUBMIT button, you will be taken to a page from which you then choose which payment link to follow to purchase the job and complete the transaction. Please have a credit card information ready.

TIP: When filling out the job posting form, please avoid using formatting, such as special characters, bullet points and tabs. Use plain text when possible. Your posting will appear cleaner.

Our Services & Prices
We offer two types of job posting services. 

  • Standard For-Profit Company Job Posting - $250 per job for a four-week showing. 
  • Nonprofit Organization Job Posting - $150 per job for a four-week showing.
AH Jobs List was named as the top jobs seeking website for jobs seekers and employers in Denver by the Denver Metro Economic Development Corporation (MDEC), the economic development affiliate of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Being recognized by the metro area's leading voice for the business community is a tremendous honor.

Here's what they wrote:

...this must-go-to website is now viewed by thousands of job-seeking professionals and employers, with job categories ranging from advertising to technical. On a weekly basis, Andrew sends his job seekers a round-up of the week’s best jobs from across the state. On the website, Andrew also posts upcoming events for networking and dates for his Career Bootcamp.
-March 2014

How do our prices compare?


Multiple Job Pricing
For-profit companies can receive a discount for purchasing multiple job postings, as follows:

Job Pack Bundles
# Per Job Save
1 $250  
2-4 $225 10%
5-9 $210 16%
10-14 $195 22%
15-20 $175 30%
21-30 $150 40%
31 or more $100 60%

Nonprofit organization multiple job posting discount
Because nonprofits job postings on AH Jobs List are already highly discounted, there is a flat 10% discount for nonprofit multiple jobs posted (more than one job) on AH Jobs List.

Please contact Andrew at if you are interested in multiple job posting discounts.

Internship postings
To provide entry level career boosts for employees, we encourage companies to offer both paid and unpaid internships. All internship listings are only $25.

Our Process
Complete the online posting/payment form (preferred) or e-mail your job to with billing information to be invoiced. If you would prefer to purchase multiple jobs at discount, please follow the instructions on the site, email or call us at 720-350-4329 to set up an account.

If you have other questions, please email or call us at

Further Charitable Organization Discounts
If you are a not-for-profit charitable organization operating on a budget of less than $500,000 per year, call or email to inquire about further discounts.  If you are unsure if your organization qualifies, please contact us directly. These discounts are given at the sole discretion of

Andrew Hudson's Jobs List Resume Finder
How about letting Andrew Hudson's Jobs List help you identify the best candidate for your positions? Through Andrew Hudson's Jobs List Resume Finder service, you fill out a Resume Finder survey and we will search through our database of thousands of resumes from professionals throughout the country and deliver to your desk resumes of the most qualified candidates that match your needs.

Please email or call us at
720-350-4329 for more information.

Refund Policy
While we believe you will have great success by posting your job on Andrew Hudson's Jobs List, all transactions made on Andrew Hudson's Jobs List are final and come with no guarantees or refunds. By making a transaction on Andrew Hudson's Jobs List, you are confirming that you have read and understand our no refunds policy. If you need to edit or change the language in your posting after you have submitted the posting to us, please contact us at

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