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Jobseeker Profile Submissions

Welcome to the Jobseeker Profile submission page for Andrew Hudson's Jobs List. 

The cost for submitting a Jobseeker Profile is
$10 for a four-week listing payable via credit card
upon completion of the required fields in the
Jobseeker Profile form.

Looking for a job is not an easy endeavor. However, by submitting a Jobseeker Profile, I am certain you'll improve your odds. Think of a Jobseeker Profile as a 'reverse' employment advertisement; instead of an employer advertising a job, you are advertising yourself to employers!

By posting your Jobseeker Profile, you are presenting yourself to corporate and nonprofit recruiters and HR professionals from throughout the Rocky Mountains and beyond who are actively looking for talented professionals to fill open positions.

While there are no guarantees, this is a tried and tested method of connecting talented job seekers and employees. I've had hundreds of employers who've shared with me their success in tapping into talented professionals through this method.

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To participate, you must submit a short profile that highlights your experience and skills, and provide pertinent contact information for employers to reach you. Your profile must be no longer than 300 words.  Please avoid special characters. Keep it as a simple overview paragraph. Employers who read these profiles and are interested in finding out more information will contact you directly.

While we believe you will have great success by posting your profile on Andrew Hudson's Jobs List, all transactions made on Andrew Hudson's Jobs List are final and come with no guarantees or refunds. By making a transaction on Andrew Hudson's Jobs List, you are confirming that you have read and understand our no refunds policy. If you need to edit or change the language in your posting after you have submitted the posting to us, please follow the directions on managing your Jobseeker Profile.

You CANNOT submit entire resumes here, however, if you have a website with a resume or portfolio, please include a link in your posting by typing in the destination (not by typing "click here").  If you wish to submit an anonymous profile that only highlights your skills and background, that is fine, but please realize that Andrew Hudson's Jobs List bears no responsibility for your submission or whether an employer responds to your profile.

I would also encourage you to email me your resume to as I have collected a database of job seekers' resumes to refer to employers who contact me directly searching for professionals.

The cost for submitting a Jobseeker Profile is
$10 for a four-week listing (only .28 per day!)
payable via credit card upon completion of the
required fields in the Jobseeker Profile form.  
You must fill out all required fields in the form.


I've included some good examples of Jobseeker Profiles below for you to consider. Try to be direct about your skills and expertise and the type of position/positions that would best fit your skill set. Remember to keep it to 300 words or less. A lot can be said in 300 words. The Gettysburg Address, one of the most famous speeches in the history of mankind was only 271 words!  

Following are some good examples...

I am currently a teaching assistant for a communications survey class at the University of Denver and will receive my M.S. in PR in June. My best qualities are the creativity and enthusiasm I bring to each project I undertake and an attention to detail that comes from years of teaching writing. My work and educational experience has given me an interest in event planning, media relations and corporate communications.

Talented, Sales and Marketing Professional with proven accomplishments in sales and leading comprehensive marketing strategies in support of business goals and objectives. Demonstrated success in driving growth in targeted markets through implementation of key projects. Solid leadership skills; able to build and guide top-performing sales teams. Superior communication skills with management, vendors and internal departs to coordinate sales and marketing efforts.

Versatile writer and editor experienced in ensuring that messages align with strategy and are targeted to diverse constituents; providing creative direction and coordinating production; pitching stories and writing press releases; and responding to media. Proven track record of strengthening internal communication and ensuring client satisfaction. Recognized for flexibility and personable style. Will consider free-lance or part-time position in the Denver area.


Click here to submit your Jobseeker Profile and happy job hunting!


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