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Colorado Mountain Club


The Colorado Mountain Club

On April 26, 1912, a dedicated group of service-minded, outdoor oriented people gathered in Denver to form the Colorado Mountain Club. James Grafton Rogers, a Denver attorney who would be integral to the establishment of Rocky Mountain National Park, was the first President of the Club. The CMC's very first trip was to Denver s Cheesman Park, now in the heart of the capital city. On May 30, 1912, the Club conducted its first official mountain trip, a hike to the top of South Boulder Peak.

From twenty-five charter members united in their love of the mountains, the Club rapidly grew to two hundred members barely a year later, when the CMC became a nonprofit corporation. Charter members included Enos Mills, whose efforts were influential in establishing Rocky Mountain National Park; Roger Toll, who held the prestigious positions of superintendent at Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, and Mount Rainier National Parks; and Carl Blaurock, who along with William Ervin was the first to climb all of Colorado's known 14,000-foot peaks.

In 1974 the Club purchased its first permanent home on West Alameda Avenue in Denver. In 1993 the CMC elected to partner with the American Alpine Club to found the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, Colorado. The building houses the largest mountaineering library in the Western Hemisphere and the nations only museum dedicated to mountaineering history.

Reflecting the growing complexity of its affairs, the CMC welcomed its first Executive Director in 1994 and now has a staff of dedicated employees to supplement the Club's volunteer efforts.

Imagine the efforts required to hike in Colorado at the time of the CMC's founding in 1912. The Club's archives reveal a fascinating story of that era in the form of written accounts and photographs.

Maps of nearly one hundred years ago showed precious little detail. Transportation was certainly less convenient and reliable. Clothing of the time commonly consisted of cotton and wool, high hobnail boots and long skirts for women. Heavy wool blankets were used rather than lightweight sleeping bags. Rain-soaked gear and blistered feet were part of the experience. But still those early challenges cannot mask the smiling faces in the photos of the CMC's earliest pioneers.


Mi Casa Resource Center

Founded in 1976, Mi Casa Resource Center is a nationally recognized leader in Colorado's nonprofit sector, providing programs that help Latino and working families achieve lasting economic success. Mi Casa Resource Center believes that when a family is economically secure, everything else is possible, and the agency works every day to make sure Latino and other working families have access to the economic, educational, career and business services they need to succeed. Mi Casa is currently working to create comprehensive Family Economic and Education Centers in Denver's most challenged communities in the Southwest, Northeast and Northwest. Using an integrated approach, Mi Casa guides families to the services they need to reach their goals.

Mi Casa offers three career training pathways to help individuals achieve livable wages. Using a "sector-focused" approach that engages local industry to find those jobs that match the client base, Mi Casa works with area employers to create training programs in financial services, healthcare, and customer service. Mi Casa also provides career coaching, including resume, interviewing and job search assistance.



When our organization was founded in 1910, it was named after a London, England, animal welfare group called “Our Dumb Friends League.” In those days, the term “dumb” was widely used to refer to animals because they lacked the power of human speech. Today, the Dumb Friends League, headquartered in Denver, is the largest community-based animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region—providing a strong and steadfast voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

As part of a compassionate community, we:
  • Rescue sick, injured and neglected animals
  • Investigate cases of neglect and mistreatment
  • Provide shelter, veterinary care, and behavior and training programs to homeless companion animals and horses
  • Adopt homeless pets and horses to new homes
  • Reduce pet overpopulation through mobile spay and neuter projects in underserved areas
  • Offer learning opportunities for the public to keep more pets in homes
  • Educate children and adults about animals and their needs
But we don’t do any of this alone.

We rely on individuals to bring us animals they can no longer care for, entrusting us with their pets. We rely on neighbors to report abuse and neglect. We rely on the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society in our partnership to encourage lifelong veterinary care for pets. We rely on transfer and placement partners to ensure as many animals as possible find homes. We rely on the Metro Denver Shelter Alliance and the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies to stand beside us as we tackle animal welfare issues throughout our region. We rely on all members of our community to consider adoption when choosing a pet. And we rely on the generosity of our board, donors, adopters and volunteers as they help support an organization that provides continuity, strength and, above all, compassion for our community.

Over the years, we have been able to significantly reduce the number of homeless pets, find homes for more pets, and support an overall better quality of life for animals in the community. Throughout our history, the benevolent Denver metro community and beyond has helped sustain the organization so we can fulfill our mission. We are eternally grateful for the community’s trust in the Dumb Friends League and its support of the animals we serve.


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