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Community Health Charities

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Robert E. Loup JCC


Celebrating its 92nd year in the Denver community, the Robert E. Loup JCC is a comprehensive family center. The JCC's mission is to provide recreational, cultural, educational and social programs to perpetuate, strengthen and serve the Jewish community and the community at large. The Center is open to everyone regardless of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

The Mizel Arts and Culture Center (MACC) illuminates the human experience through creative and cultural programs in the performing, visual and literary arts for the Jewish community and the Denver community at large. We strive to produce, present, exhibit, preserve and advance the arts, serving as a performance and exhibition venue, as well as an educational resource for people at every stage of life. MACC is one of the Rocky Mountain region's premier arts organizations. The JCC and MACC are nonprofit agencies.




It would be virtually impossible to overstate the scope and consequences of child abuse and neglect in the United States today. Sadly, each year in Colorado alone, nearly 11,000 children are substantiated victims of abuse or neglect. On average, 35 Colorado children die each year because of child maltreatment. Children ages birth to 3 years had the highest rates of victimization.

A significant body of research has identified several risk factors associated with child abuse and neglect. They include depression/anxiety, substance abuse, domestic violence, a history of childhood abuse, poor-parent child interaction, and inaccurate knowledge and expectations about child development. Also community and societal factors such as poverty, unemployment, lack of access to medical care, social isolation and community violence have been found to be associated with child maltreatment.

These circumstances combined with the inherent challenges of raising children, can result in otherwise well-intentioned parents causing their children harm or neglecting their needs.

Long-term effects of child abuse and neglect can include:

    brain damage
    developmental delays and learning disorders
    problems with forming relationships
    aggressive behavior
    low academic achievement
    drug use
    teen pregnancy
    criminal behavior that affect not just the child and family, but society as a whole.

The mission of Family Advocacy, Care, Education, Support (FACES) is to prevent child abuse, neglect and family violence. For 40 years, FACES has been serving vulnerable children and families with acute needs who live in the Denver metro area. The agency has two program components provided by masters-level clinicians—Home Visitation Program and Community-based Parenting Classes. These services are provided to families with children 0–12 who are at heightened risk of child abuse and neglect.

FACES believes that prevention programs are effective, programs must focus on the entire family, the welfare of the child is primary, positive parenting skills promote safe and healthy families, and each member of the community shares responsibility for strengthening families and protecting children.


Community Health Charities

Community Health Charities of Colorado is the only Colorado nonprofit dedicated to inclusion of health nonprofits in workplace giving campaigns. For over three decades, Community Health Charities of Colorado has offered the power of efficient payroll deduction fundraising to our workplace partners, encouraging individual employees to designate to the charity of their choice in their workplace giving campaign.

Our Mission:
To unite caring donors in the workplace with our nation's most trusted health charities.

Our Health Matters at Work® program provides employers tools for their employees to easily find the most credible health information, programs and services offered by Colorado and America's most trusted health charities.



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