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Profile on Andrew Hudson's Jobs List (3/27/09) NEW

Job Hunting Expert Offers Tips

Red Hot and Hired: A different kind of job hunting event

Read Andrew Hudson's Job Seeker Column at the Denver Examiner

JOB SEEKING SPOTLIGHT: Social and Professional Networking through the Internet

Writing a resume for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Stinking Thinking - The job seeker confidence killer

Job seeker resolution No. 1: Can exercise and nutrition help your job search? Yes!

Job seeker
resolution No. 2: Hire a professional resume writer

A newspaper tax - how to save our struggling newspapers

When to follow up after submitting a resume

The “Green Gold Rush!” Here come the green jobs!

The job skills audit: getting your resume to the top of the pile 

Warm hands, shiny shoes, resumes and thank-you notes: 50 great job-hunting tips! 

Getting back on your feet: the psychological effects of losing your job

Beyond - where are the best jobs listed in your community?

Older job seekers: advantages and opportunities

(Interview with Andrew Hudson) Deadline Looms at the Rocky Mountain News

Job Experts: Make work search your full time job

PARKER: Hudson has no beefs with boss

Wake-Up Call: Andrew Hudson is suddenly very popular

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