About Us  

Cities are built by people. The creators of industry, makers of place. Visionaries—for what’s next.  

At the Downtown Denver Partnership, we are building with vision.  

We believe the horizon of a great city is always growing, always improving. We believe our city is only as strong as the center. And we know that a thriving, strategic evolution only happens when every voice steps up to the mic. When access allows for unbridled opportunity.  

Whether we are talking about mobility and transportation or economic development, our organization focuses on fostering an impactful culture and business community that will support each and every citizen, giving us all a seat at the table.  

Building our center city, making our place.  


About the Position  

The Outreach Coordinator supports mobility and transportation initiatives downtown, working together alongside the business community, the City and County of Denver, multiple community groups, and other Partnership departments to create a mobility system that is environmentally sustainable, socially equitable, and economically vital. The Outreach Coordinator is primarily responsible for supporting the mobility program and Economic Development team, with the following core functions: providing outreach functions, performing technical analysis and research, and overseeing administrative tasks of the program:  


Outreach Functions  

The key responsibility of this position is to promote and market best-practice downtown transportation options to Downtown Denver property owners, business leaders, employees, visitors, and residents. The Outreach Coordinator is a point of contact for Downtown, responsible for answering and managing transportation-related inquiries in a timely and professional manner. This position will assist in producing events supporting Partnership mobility initiatives and other city and regional programs, such as, Bike to Work Day as well as other regional transportation demand management (TDM) programs.  


Technical Analysis and Research  

A key responsibility of this role is to coordinate an annual survey and analysis of commuter travel behavior through the Downtown Denver Commuter SurveyOpens a New Window.. Examples of other technical analysis and research projects may include parking inventories, bicycle data analysis, and economic impacts of mobility infrastructure.  


Mobility Initiative Administration and Programming  

This position is funded in part by Federal, regional, and local grants. Under the supervision of the Senior Manager, it is the responsibility of the Outreach Coordinator to follow the guidelines of related grants received by the Partnership. From time to time it will be necessary for the Outreach Coordinator to assist in grant renewals, the management of new grant applications, and the development of grant scopes-of-work. This position supports other administrative tasks such as providing policy and functional support to the Partnership’s Mobility Council.  


About the Job  

  • Develops and maintain working relationships with the city’s Department of Public Works and mobility providers including RTD and Transportation Network Companies, to implement transportation plans and projects that achive the vision of the Partnership’s mobility initiatives.   
  • Actively seeks to grow relationships with Partnership members and non-members through education and thought-leadership activities including attendance of Partnership events and the delivery of presentations for Partnership staff, Partnership councils and committees, employer and employee groups, school groups, and other organizations. Enters and maintains customer data and other information for customers into appropriate databases.  
  • Conducts annual commuter survey through targeted outreach to members, property owners/managers and employers. Works with Senior Manager, Transportation and Mobility to establish annual response rate target and is responsible for achieving set target; analyze and publish commuter survey data and trends and communicate results to partner organization including City, RTD, DRCOG, media, members, property owners/managers and employers.   
  • Assists with the planning, organization, and facilitation of year-round mobility initiative activities including promotion and development of events and tactical urbanism activities, notably the Partnership’s annual Bike to Work Day event “Pedal for Pancakes” as well as other events targeting engagement around specific projects impacting mobility and travel behavior. Coordinates with the Partnership’s Marketing and Communication Department to develop and promote events.   
  • Develops and maintains knowledge of successful transportation demand management techniques by staying current with mobility trends through self-education, research, and attending trade shows.   
  • Provides administrative and policy support in managing the Partnership’s Mobility Council.  
  • Maintains a high level of quality and engagement in both internal and external communications. This includes all communications from daily email interactions to annual commuter reports. This position works closely with the Marketing and Communications Department to ensure that external-facing materials are consistent with the Partnership brand and high level of quality assurance.   
  • Seeks out additional grant and/or sponsorship opportunities to support the Partnership’s mobility initiative.  
  • Provides staff support at the Partnership’s annual meeting, awards dinner, and other Partnership programs as appropriate.  
  • Participates in volunteer opportunities in support of Partnership programs as requested by supervisor as part of regular workweek schedule.  
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.  


About You  

To be successful in this position, you must be detail-oriented, persistent, flexible, and a team player. You appreciate how engaging business leaders the right way can inspire them to become city builders. You thrive knowing the projects and information you manage is accurate and can trusted by your team members. You meticulously look for ways to improve work flow, efficiency and accuracy, since you manage a lot of details and want to keep everything as accurate as possible. You should possess a deep commitment to instilling practices and a culture that reflects The Downtown Denver Partnership.  

  • Passion for and commitment to City Building.  
  • Minimum of 2 years of professional experience, ideally involving transportation, urban planning, program or event management, and/or public administration.  
  • Bachelor’s degree in urban planning and design, transportation planning and design, public administration, or a related field preferred, but not required. Interest to grow in any and/or all these fields of expertise is a must!  
  • Familiarity of transportation and mobility trends, particularly those pertinent to Downtown Denver; familiarity with transportation demand management (TDM) and the function of a Transportation Management Agency (TMA).  
  • Proven problem analysis, resolution and analytical skills.  
  • Proven organizational skills, ability to manage multiple responsibilities.   
  • Strong attention to detail; must be able to work accurately with numbers and to pay close attention to and manage budgets.  
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, and ability to check deliverables for quality and correctness.  
  • Effective interpersonal skills, capable of communicating in a professional and positive manner and be intentionally inclusive in conversations.   
  • Ability to work well under pressure, respond quickly to changes and meet deadlines.   
  • Ability to work independently on assigned tasks while supporting a collaborative work approach as part of a project team.   
  • Some flexibility and willingness to work irregular hours.  
  • A great sense of humor and collaborative orientation.  
  • Working knowledge in areas of sales and customer relationship building.  
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Experience in Salesforce is a plus. 
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