Cherry Creek Schools Foundation

The Cherry Creek Schools Foundation is dedicated to:

  • Impacting all of our students
  • Investing in innovation in the classroom
  • Providing opportunities for every student to achieve to the best of his or her ability


Impact - Provide teachers with new and meaningful opportunities.

CCSF funds Professional Learning Communities that: 

  • Deepen teacher training for 3700 teachers in the district
  • Provide individual coaching
  • Maximize team work with over 600 teachers trained as facilitators
  • Utilize new technology

Innovation - Mobilize visionary concepts in the classroom. 

CCSF funds more than 85 Educator Initiative Grants annually which: 

  • Utilizes technology in the arts and literacy in order to create audiobooks and ebooks
  • Provides equipment such as voice apps and stationary bike desks that enhance speaking and listening skills
  • Enhances learning experiences such as Google-inspired genius hour where students choose projects based on personal interest to promote problem solving and embrace imagination

Opportunity - Increase number of teachers and students benefiting from funds. 

CCSF funds programs which benefit every type of learner:

  • Provide funds to the District for AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination - to ensure over 2100 students in the academic middle, in middle and high schools, are college ready 
  • Focus on academic instruction, tutorial support and motivational activities
  • Almost 100% of AVID Seniors in CCSD were accepted into college and one accepted into the military

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