Colorado Department of Human Services

About Colorado Department of Human Services

Located within the Colorado Department of Human Services, the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) is responsible for policy development, service provision and coordination, program monitoring and evaluation, and administrative oversight for the public behavioral health system. OBH funds, supports and monitors numerous mental health and substance abuse community programs and providers, reviews and designates the State's 27-65 providers and licenses substance use disorder providers. OBH also operates the Colorado Mental Health Institutes at Fort Logan and Pueblo. OBH executes the State's federal responsibilities as the State Mental Health Authority and the State Substance Abuse Authority for the purposes of administering federal mental health and substance abuse block grant funds.

Open Positions at Colorado Department of Human Services

County Liaison

This position handles all requests, inquiries, and complaints that come to the CO Department of Human Services (CDHS) including special circumstances such as responding to Legislators, Child Advocates, Guardian ads Litem, community partners, consumers, and County clients.
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