Open Positions at HistoriCorps

Historic Preservation Project Supervisor

If you are a historic preservation construction professional looking for a working vacation in some of the most beautiful places in America, HistoriCorps may be the opportunity for you. Want a break from the mundane, the familiar, the day-to-day work? Want to re-invigorate your passion for historic preservation, meet people of like mind, and introduce volunteers to the gratifying work we do? And do all this in places most people spend a lifetime dreaming about? HistorCorps just may change...

Historic Preservation Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for procuring, inventorying, and maintaining and repairing all aspects of HistoriCorps field equipment. HistoriCorps field equipment include, but are not limited to: trucks, cargo trailers, flatbed trailers, scaffolding, small engines (generators, chain saws), stationary and hand power tools, hand tools, and camp kitchen equipment. The Operations Manager may at times fill in for field staff on, or lead, preservation projects.

Historic Preservation Projects Manager

The Projects Manager is responsible for and oversees most functions of HistoriCorps field operations. This individual will develop, plan, manage, and write and submit reports on multiple concurrent construction projects. The Projects Manager facilitates all aspects of HistoriCorps projects that involve the maintenance, repair and preservation of historic structures. The Projects Manager may at times fill in for field staff on, or lead, preservation projects.
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