Street Business School

For more than a decade, BeadforLife has empowered women through a social enterprise model using beads as a tool to fund entrepreneurial education. Street Business School takes this curriculum to a whole new level, refining it so it can be localized and scale to reach 1 million women! Our greatest strength in Uganda has been helping women lift their families from poverty through business creation. The impact we’ve achieved has the potential to increase exponentially through our Global Expansion.

Street Business School is a leader in global training. We teach other organizations how to implement our proven and effective business training, empowering people to become self-sustaining entrepreneurs to move out of poverty. Our world-class and world-changing model will reach 1 million people by 2027.

With new levels of income and education, Street Business School participants transform their lives and lift their families from poverty. Our monitoring and evaluation data continues to exceed our expectations, validating our transformational model.


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