The management and the sales team at Atlas Consulting offers an environment where our sales associate's ideas are not only heard but implemented. We offer a team based and structured environment, however, employees are expected to be self-disciplined in managing their own time and work schedule.

We are looking for an intern who is eager to learn best practices in sales, develop consistency in using those skills, then transition into a trainer position where they'll be learning leadership and coaching tactics to aid in the company's growth.

Atlas offers:

  • Fun, team building environment
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Leadership workshops & development
  • Financial management, business management, time management
  • Recognition for top performers
  • Advancement to management based on performance and if you are qualified

As an intern, one will start in the company entry level, just as our full-time employess. We do this so that every member of our team, regardless of previous experience, is equipped with the training and basics necessary to excel to one's personal potential. 

The internship position can grow to a full-time position depending on performance. 

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