Summary Description
Creates impactful engagement opportunities in regions where alumni live and in areas where the CC experience is taken off-site, such as Baca, regional Block Breaks Away, and CC road shows. Geographic concentration focused on Rocky Mountains and westward, but occasionally programs may cross geographic boundaries due to efficiencies. Additionally, the assistant director cultivates and stewards select alumni affinity groups, mirroring same responsibilities as described below for regional programs.
Band: 6
Program Development
Develop, plan and execute regional and affinity programs, including Block Breaks Away travel-study and strategic roll-out events, collaborating with campus partners, including faculty, president’s office, a network of dependable, energetic and dedicated volunteers, and reputable vendors.
Build Community/Resource Development
Facilitate the engagement of a diverse base of alumni strategically such that outcomes could be measured by agreed upon metrics (participation, being one).
Establish relationships with academic departments, cultivating faculty involvement in regional program development. Attend department meetings, lectures, seek out academic stars who best represent the values of a Colorado College education.
Work with academic dean, associate dean and director of international program to track faculty travel during blocks or sabbaticals for potential program availability; coordinate synergistic travel with conference attendance or blocks abroad.
Facilitate virtual book club online community, including promotion and solicitation of participants, selecting alumni and faculty authors, developing a program plan for engagement through discussion.
Event Planning
Develop and implement processes that streamline event planning and management, including regional resources such as appropriate venue sites across cities.
Support volunteers for regional or special events; guide volunteers in their planning, organizing and implementation of ideas, assisting with all elements of the event from recruiting volunteers, marketing to alumni, and staffing events.
Budget Management
Develop budget for annual schedule of events, working with vendors and volunteers to stay within overall budget.
Manage expectations of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 markets with planned events in each market on a rotational basis (Tier 1 are high priority cities for whom we plan regional events annually with faculty members, president and key staff; Tier 2 might be every 18 months; Tier 3 every 24).
Staff Management
Directly supervise staff member including scheduling and assigning work, reviewing performance, recommending salary increases, promotions or discharges.
Manage the marketing/communications plan for off-campus and affinity programs, coordinating with communications department, print and mail vendors. 
Manage staff’s work on alumni web site to ensure that events are represented as desired.
Write electronic publicity and communications.
Execute changes to online community and utilize social media to publicize.
Survey participants pre- and post-event to make the experience relevant, meaningful, and to continuously improve depth and breadth of offerings.
Volunteer Development, Training, Recognition, Support
Cultivate, train, and manage key regional, affinity, and Alumni Board volunteers; recognize contributions. Inform volunteers about expected outcomes, provide leadership and knowledge to help facilitate optimum events, monitor progress, provide support, collect data and event debriefings insuring that attendance data is integrated into database. Keep accurate records of volunteers, recognize service, and engage in succession planning.
Serve as staff liaison to Alumni Association Council Engagement Committee, engaging them in quarterly committee meetings, set goals and accountability, prepare reports of progress.
Additional Responsibilities:
o Support and contribute to the goal of achieving greater diversity, inclusion and equity at Colorado College and work effectively with all members of the campus community.
o Promote a culture of safety and environmental protection by working in a safe manner; immediately reporting unsafe situations and accidents; following college procedures; and participating in appropriate safety training.
o Demonstrate environmental sustainability by using college resources wisely and supporting the college’s sustainability initiatives and innovation.
o Perform other duties as assigned.
Required Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, plus a minimum of three years of related experience; proficient with computer software programs such as Microsoft Office, In Design, and Acrobat Pro; alumni relations database experience; content management software experience; excellent oral and written communication skills; proficient in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and basic business math; ability to think critically and solve problems; good judgment and ability to handle confidential/sensitive information with discretion; excellent organizational and customer service skills; ability to operate standard office equipment; excellent public speaking and negotiation skills; knowledge of social media, alumni relations programs, and industry best practices.
Preferred Qualifications:
Banner database experience; DotCMS, AlumnIQ, and iModules content management experience.
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