Company Background

The Social Route was established in 2012 with a passion for improving the ease and accessibility to result driven marketing. We did this by deconstructing the patterns and behaviors behind consumer actions. We used this passion to develop a data driven approach to better accomplish the goals of our clients. The last several years, we have focused on improving our core processes and values. We are now developing the necessary infrastructure, tech capabilities and capitalization to productize and automate our approach to iterative, data driven marketing.


The People

We are a start-up with a lot recent growth and momentum. Because of this, our time is highly energetic, dynamic and adaptive. We recently completed a capital raise and are in the process of developing our executive leadership team to start pursuing our next round.  Our core team is comprised of creative and strategic thinkers. We do not believe in glass ceilings so the right candidate will have a tremendous opportunity for growth.


Job Description

Due to the entrepreneurial nature of the team, you will be expected to cover a broad range of roles and responsibilities. The primary areas of responsibility are as follows:

• Researching, qualifying and nurturing leads lists and prospective customers throughout the sales pipeline

•Conducting a needs analysis and sales presentation

•Performing and documenting all required follow up activities in Salesforce and other sales management systems

•Managing and growing client base with particular emphasis on new business opportunities

•Have fun! Work hard and play hard.


Job Qualifications

•2+ years sales experience at a digital marketing, software or ad tech company.

•Creative, competitive, ambitious, and autonomous work ethic

•Ability to thrive in a dynamic and innovative, start-up environment

•Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills

•Passionate, curious, creative, and driven

•Excellent writing and communication skills

•Track record of managing multiple projects and meeting deadlines.


So You’d Like To Apply?

To apply, please email us with an attached resume and cover letter.  

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