Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


The mission is to make vital self-discovery potential in understanding anatomy accessible to all, through producing world class, scientifically accurate, engaging products for individuals, schools and educational organizations, using a kinesthetic approach to human anatomy and zoology.


The system was founded by Jon Zahourek, who pioneered a new way of teaching anatomy more than thirty years ago with a unique and powerful approach. Jon’s experience and approach are respected the world over.


In its lengthy history, Anatomy in Clay’s mission-driven and product-first approach to education has helped more than 3 million students in 25,000 classrooms -from elementary school through medical and veterinary residencies- gain a fuller appreciation for the body, for the anatomy of familiar fauna, and ultimately for a greater understanding of their role and responsibility on our fragile planet.


Anatomy in Clay is a profitable small business of nearly twenty two committed and loyal employees in Loveland, Colorado, as well as sixteen dedicated and talented employees at their manufacturing facility in Mexico. AiC has been self funded/bootstrapped business from the beginning and was profitable through the Great Recession.


You have a one of a kind opportunity to scale this well-respected educational organization to new heights.  


The Role


The CEO will provide responsibility and accountability for the overall mission, internal team management, financial and sales performance, as well as operational planning and the strategic and intelligent growth of the companyy. 


The CEO is responsible for fostering an environment and culture that enables our growing organization to fulfill its mission by regularly exceeding its goals.


The successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to continue to establish a world- renowned, pioneering educational learning product suite. 


Reinforcement of our mission and guiding principles to all staff and partners is critical, as is motivating all parties to improve KPI’s, owning responsibility for the measurement, assessment, and improving the organization’s daily, monthly and overall financial performance. 


Core Responsibilities


  • Maintain high quality & ethical consistency in all aspects of our business

  • Oversight and Integration of all Divisions

  • Maintain rigorous science

  • Assure compliance with governmental regulation

  • Oversee & Protect Intellectual Property

  • Supervise Financial Activities

  • Develop new approaches to STEM education

  • Develop collaborations and educational opportunities 

  • Investor and brand management

  • Continue to build industry awareness & monitor competitors

  • Develop New Business opportunities & relationships &  International distribution

  • Oversee and ensure QA and strong morale among manufacturing team in Mexico

  • Remain accountable to founding partners through regular reporting and deep dive meetings


Qualifications and Skills


  • 5-7 years experience in mission driven, ideally education-focused for-profit organization.

  • Demonstrated experience operating effectively in a complex decision-making setting is required.

  • Strong emphasis on and understanding of financial management, strategic planning, client and partner relations, potential investor management, in-house talent recruitment, quality assessment and improvement, risk management, and human resource management- all within mission-driven and product-first organizations.

  • Working knowledge of educational products and physical product manufacturing is highly desired. 

  • Career track of progressive, documentable accomplishments in increasingly complex operations or similar roles. 

  • Preferred professional record will demonstrate extensive experience as a senior executive with a proven ability to improve and leverage staff relationships, cultivate resources and methodologies in support of the strategic vision.

  • Demonstrated skill to create an environment of continuous improvement that fosters staff collaboration, enhances revenues, controls costs, and improves overall performance, all without sacrificing our long-standing mission and values.

  • Quality-centric approach, with leadership skills to ensure the orchestration and implementation of quality and performance improvement processes to facilitate enhanced student/client/user outcomes. 

  • Experience with Lean process and product design.


Compelling pay, benefits and potentially equity are available

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