WORK HOURS: Full-time. 40 Hours per week. 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M – F. * It’s important that the schedule be consistent, so that Executive Director and Director of Operations have access to Clinical Manager during work hours for any clinical, facility or operational assistance needed while out in the field. Some nights and weekends are required for facility emergencies. Hours include 1-hour lunch break.

PERSONAL TIME OFF: Employee will have 10 PTO days and paid holidays when the Chanda Center for Health is closed, which includes New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving and an entire week around for year-end holiday.

WORKPLACE: Onsite full-time at the Chanda Center for Health’s office/clinic (1630 Carr Street, Lakewood, CO 80214) during work hours. *It’s important to be accessible on-site consistently for support to director of operations, providers, active and/or prospective participants. Travel to meetings and events will be necessary.


  • Periods of sitting.
  • Close proximity to computer terminal.
  • Functional physical demands include manual dexterity, fine motor skills and reaching. The following senses will be needed for the essential duties of the job: speech and hearing.
  • Fast-paced, challenging and stressful work environment.
  • Assist providers with transfers of participants. Must be able to lift 50lbs.
  • Assist Executive Director, staff and participants with personal needs (i.e. prep food, empty urine bag, etc.).

INTERRELATIONSHIPS: Consultants/contractors, integrative care providers, executive director, director of operations, physicians, admin personnel, patients and families, case manager/care coordinator.

SUPERVISORY DUTIES: Contracted vendors such as property manager and building maintenance as well as volunteers and interns. Will work closely with Director of Operations to support management of program staff.


  • Program evaluation Management – includes monthly meetings with evaluator, managing collection of surveys, and evaluation strategic planning. Includes survey audits for on-site and off-site services.
  • Integrative providers: screening, interviewing, hiring, background checks, training (includes transfer training) and onboarding and orientation for all new providers with assistance of DOO.
  • Managing and collecting provider insurance and licenses.
  • Perform Quarterly Audit charts for all providers (i.e. behavioral health, care coordination, etc.) to meet internal and external compliance requirements. Sustain and update audit process as needed. Provide audit reports to providers with satisfaction areas, improvements and correction deadline. Develop protocol for failure to meet corrections and within timeline. Share summary of quarterly reports to DOO.
  • Participant management: develop official process and roles for handling all complaints, attendance issues, program terminations, and other incidents and suggestions for improvement.
  • Volunteer management – will have incoming administrative volunteers. Will include screening volunteers, training/orientation, developing tasks for them to do, and managing relationships.
  • Meeting with community partners to schedule, market and film free classes.
  • Participate in bi-annual Care Plan meetings, work with care coordinators on communication prior and post-meeting with action items, as well as check on execution of action items.
  • Creating and updating paperwork (in-take forms, applications, soap notes, etc.). This is to improve current paperwork but must also be developed for new programs as we continue to add them.
  • Manage Craig in-patients’ services, such as credentialing providers, updating Craig with new insurance and license, and primary point of contact for any issues or changes in program such as epic training for providers.
  • Transferring participants – can also include other assisting such as bathroom needs and other personal needs.
  • Responsible for all compliance and organization safety policies and protocols. Promoting efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of operations. Updated policies and schedules for completion needed.
    • Quarterly training for staff and providers for safety
    • Hazard Assessment and correction: to be completed every 6 months.
    • Biohazard safety: emptying sharps containers and ensuring proper disposal
  • Staff and provider appreciation – gathering signed birthday cards, recognizing anniversaries, and being creative in other ways to celebrate and ensure employee retention.
  • Property management
    • Relationship with building maintenance (cleaners)
    • Relationship with property manager (manages rental units, landscape/snowplow and other vendors).
    • Updating inventory list and Purchasing inventory – office supplies, small equipment, furniture, etc.
    • Troubleshooting all facilities issues: plumping, lighting, water fountains, AC/heat, etc.
    • Shoveling snow and putting down ice melt between snowplow services.
    • Equipment maintenance (AED, power plate, treatment tables, accessible door buttons, etc.)
  • Ensuring building is clean, organizing and picking up as needed in common space, treatment rooms, storage rooms, etc.
  • Community Outreach: providing tours of the center as well as representing the Chanda Center at community events.
  • Assist with fielding email, phone, and mail inquires to the Chanda Plan Foundation and responding appropriately


  • Maintains the environment of the area to promote and support healing
  • Special projects as assigned


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