Please note: We have a bit of an unusual application process for this position. To be considered, please follow the steps below. 

LightHawk – Flying To Save The Earth – Communications and Marketing Coordinator

What We Do ─ The natural world is in peril, but we believe it can be saved. Recognizing that our health is connected to the health of nature, we bear the responsibility to conserve our environment for the benefit of future generations.

Since 1979, LightHawk, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has advanced conservation using aviation and the aerial perspective. Hand-in-hand with our trusted conservation partners and volunteer pilots, we offer aviation as a powerful tool to benefit conservation. We craft effective conservation flight campaigns that have measurable outcomes that benefit nature. We currently have almost 280 volunteer pilots, 450 donors, a donor mailing list of 1,200, and an email list of 5,400. Our budget is currently about $1.3 million.

Summary of this Job ─ We seek a storyteller and content writer that understands donor behavior, and causes readers to give, volunteer or partner with us, through the use of print and electronic communications.

Storytelling and Content Creation ─ You generate compelling copy for 25-35 writing assignments each year including an annual report, newsletters, fundraising appeals, flight summaries, volunteer pilot updates, blogs, earned media and 'big deal' alerts. You pitch to a variety of different audiences, using multiple channels, and under a rigorous editorial calendar.

Lead Generation ─ You accept the challenge that LightHawk has a goal of doubling our revenue in the next three years, and believe bringing more people into our communications pipeline is a core strategy to do so, to make a gift, volunteer, partner with us, and connect LightHawk to someone.

Writing for Different Demographics and Audiences ─ You produce reader-friendly, accessible content for young and older readers, using a variety of writing styles, tones, appearances and channels.

Social Media ─ You use social media strategically and effectively for outreach and content sharing, posting stories across channels, so readers will take action, (without entering the endless rabbit hole that social media can become).

Team Input ─ While writing is a solo activity, production of final content will involve review, input, edits and sometimes several levels of approval from program, advancement and sometimes legal perspectives.

Other Aspects of the Position – You are a problem solver that can confidently lead and take ownership for LightHawk's marketing and communications efforts.

You are a compelling storyteller with a journalist's mindset, repurposing stories shared by our staff and partners, but very importantly, digging for and seeking out stories from staff and our flight mission database.

You oversee content on our current website, which entails both editing on a Drupal-based platform and supervising contract web support for advanced edits, hosting, functionality and interface with our data systems. You manage outsourced SEO and the position requires an understanding of how this works. You manage outsourced graphic design. We envision a new website, and you will help lead the internal discussions leading to an effective web solution.

We believe someone with conservation writing experience and an interest in aviation could have an advantage in this position. If you have this, please highlight it in the information below.

This is an office-based, regular full-time position located in our midtown Fort Collins office. Generous benefits package. The salary range for the position is $44,000 to $48,000 depending on experience and qualifications.

Application Process – Please send us only the following:

  • Answer these questions:

1. What makes a story readable and memorable, and how do you get the information you need to write good stories?

2. What have you done to ensure that your writing inspires action, and how do you measure the results?

3. Why do people give, and how do you write to encourage philanthropy?

4. How do you vary your content, presentation and channels when writing for different age segments?

5. Describe how effective your social media efforts have been, including the audiences you reach, the actions they take, and their level of engagement.

6. Describe your experiences with receiving input, buy-in and approval when writing on behalf of an organization. What guidelines have you suggested in this process?

  • A description of your favorite aspect of our mission, and why, and why you want to join our team.
  • Five existing samples of your writing – including a newsletter article, a story, a press release, a fundraising appeal (letter or electronic) and one other example of your choosing.
  • Your LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, Facebook page(s) and any other online presence that supports your candidacy.
  • Your work history.
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