As a Congressional / Legislative Affairs Specialist your duties will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Coordinates and ensures prompt response to Congressional correspondence received by or referred to the Region, as well as requests for information from Congressional members, their staff and relevant State legislators.
  • Oversees and coordinates preparations for legislative field hearings and hearings on regional issues in coordination with the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs (OCLA).
  • Oversees and coordinates the preparation of recommendations by the Regional office for the submission of legislative proposals by the Service.
  • coordinates and directs the region's Congressional communications program by working with the Regional Directorate, Regional office programs and field stations.
  • Organizes and coordinates briefings on regional fish and wildlife issues for congressional district offices, State offices, and when appropriate, the Washington offices of Members of Congress.
  • Maintains liaisons with regional/field office staff to coordinate and assist in development of legislative proposals and recommendations that are consistent with Service and Departmental policies. When finalized and approved by Regional Director, communicates these recommendations to the OCLA in Washington.
  • Ensures prompt response to congressional correspondence or phone calls received by or referred to the Region.
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