The Colorado Domestic Violence Community Action Campaign—a coalition of more than 30 community organizations, service providers, and government agencies—seeks a freelance copywriter/editor to serve as a part-time, as-needed creative partner for the duration of the public awareness and social-change campaign.

About the Campaign
Domestic violence impacts the communities in which we live, play, work and raise our children. It is linked to a wide variety of other social issues, such as the physical and mental health of victims and the children in the home, employment, homelessness, poverty, child abuse and neglect, elder abuse, substance abuse, and more. Previous prevention efforts have had limited effectiveness in changing behavior because they have been short term, they typically focused on awareness and helping survivors, they did not put the onus for stopping abusive behaviors on those who abuse, and none have been a public will-building campaign to effect sustained social change.

A social change campaign can shift norms and behaviors and will begin to effect the long-term changes we seek. Colorado’s campaign will build on a collaborative effort that has been taking place since 2011. The campaign will:
• Be a statewide, collaborative, multi-year domestic violence prevention campaign
• Include culturally relevant and community focused messaging
• Go beyond public awareness to alter behavior and effect long-term social change
• Inspire individual and community action
• Feature the first-of-its-kind statewide helpline as a single point of entry for everyone, including for those who use abusive behaviors
• Put the responsibility on those who abuse to end the violence
• Provide information to the general public on ways to effectively intervene

The campaign is a project of the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence and will launch publicly in spring 2017, with advertising to begin in fall 2017. The campaign is modeled after New Zealand’s successful “It’s not OK” initiative ( and will utilize a variety of tactics to reach its target audiences, including a website and helpline, community outreach, paid and earned media, and more. The Colorado Campaign’s social-marketing approach will eradicate social acceptance of domestic violence to effectively prevent future violence.

CAMPAIGN MISSION | We are preventing domestic violence by shaping an informed, zero-tolerance public attitude that inspires individual and community action.

CAMPAIGN VISION | Our Colorado community values individual and community health and well-being and will not tolerate domestic violence in any form. As Coloradans recognize and act to prevent domestic violence, and as people who abuse take responsibility for their behavior, domestic violence will decline in our state.

Based on research showing that community engagement can change social norms, the campaign’s intent is that:
• Coloradans engage in building community intolerance of domestic violence
• People who choose to abuse understand that abuse is not the norm, that it will not be tolerated, and that the expectation is they seek help to change
• Family, friends, co-workers, and the public intervene when abuse occurs
Colorado’s campaign seeks to create a community that collectively communicates this key message: “Domestic violence is not OK, but it is OK to ask for help.”

Scope of Work
Working from an established campaign communications strategy and creative brief, and reporting to the campaign creative director, the copywriter/editor will write and edit content for a variety of materials, which may include:

• Advertisements (all mediums, including digital)
• Brochures and fact sheets
• Invitations, announcements and other event collateral
• Promotional materials, including posters and signs
• Presentations, speeches and talking points
• Direct marketing materials (print and digital)

In addition to working closely with the campaign creative director/designer, the copywriter will work with campaign administrative and communications staff, and with the campaign’s strategic communication advisors.

Application Requirements
We are seeking candidates with at least 10 years of copywriting experience and excellent editing and proofreading capability. Proficiency writing and editing in both English and Spanish is preferred but not required. Nonprofit and/or cause marketing experience is strongly preferred. Experience working on issues of domestic and/or sexual violence preferred.

How to apply: 

Applications are due by January 20, 2017 and should include:
• Cover letter and resume
• Writing and editing samples demonstrating capability in:
o Ad copywriting
o Brochures, fact sheets, event collateral, and promotional materials
o Presentations, speeches, talking points
o Direct marketing materials
• At least two client references
* Budget: Workload will vary over the course of the year. Heaviest months estimated to be February through April. Our budget is capped at $12,000. Please include your costs for this scope of work, including participation in two, 1 1/2 hour meetings per month.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Questions should be submitted in writing to Ellen Stein Wallace via email at and will be answered promptly.

Finalists will be invited to meet with key campaign stakeholders in late January. Work will begin February 1, 2017

Submit applications to:

Ellen Stein Wallace
Campaign Manager
Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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