Altitude Ultimate is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to developing athletes and promoting youth participation in Ultimate Frisbee teams, leagues, tournaments, camps, and clinics across the Front Range, Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain West.

With a focus on equitable access and spirited play, Altitude Ultimate aims to foster opportunities to participate in all levels of competition; provide a clearinghouse of resources for coaches, players, parents, and fans; and serve as a stable, sustainable organization that grows and strengthens the ultimate community in the region.

Altitude is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of seven adults who meet one time per month. Board members currently run the corporation’s activities. We pay a number of stipended employees, both for ongoing programs and for individual events. We have seen steady growth since our incorporation in 2014 and are on sound financial footing, and are ready to grow the organization by hiring a full time staff person to run and the organization.


Our new employee will be the organization’s first regular employee, and the title and many of the terms and details of the employment contract will depend on the experience, needs and responsibilities of the successful candidate. The broad parameters we foresee include: a full-time position with benefits to be determined; a two-year, renewable term (we expect the position to be ongoing); and a competitive salary. The specific parameters of compensation will be developed in partnership with the right candidate, and can range from freelance/contract to salaried with benefits.


These will be determined and negotiated with the successful candidate. The scope of responsibilities may include:

  • Implementing, managing and coordinating the day-to-day operations of the corporation, including:
    • Acting upon the direction of the Board, including regular communication and attendance at meetings (including an annual retreat);
    • Responding to phone and e-mail communications coordinating and facilitating programs, including: tournaments, camps, leagues, clinics, newsletters, website, social media and volunteers;
    • Following and developing procedures for financial transactions and our budgeting process;
    • Being a liaison between Altitude and USA Ultimate and other organizations
  • Developing new programs, including revenue sources such as donors and partnerships;
  • Leveraging volunteers and developing resources throughout the ultimate community.
  • Helping to define the position itself and to create or to grow income-producing programs.


The successful candidate will have: work experience in running or managing events; excellent organizational and inter-personal skills; and proven personal traits of responsibility, initiative, dedication and creativity. We do NOT have a physical location or office, so the candidate will need a work space, personal computer, automobile and driver’s license.

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