A career with Alterra Mountain Company is more than what you do today; it’s being part of creating a community rooted in the spirit of the mountain, and united by our love of adventure.   At Alterra Mountain Company, we believe in a lot of things:

  • We are mountain people – Summer’s switchbacks to winter’s fresh tracks. We are individuals with a shared heart and soul of the mountains.
  • We’re passionate – We love what we do. Our love of the alpine experience informs and unites us in everything that we do.
  • We are experts in what makes a mountain great – delivering more than 23,000 acres of skiable terrain, plus 12 heli-ski lodges. If it’s in the mountains, it’s our business.
  • We’re a community – From our partners to our employees and the customers they inspire, we’re in this together.
  • We are the dream – We create meaningful and memorable mountain experiences that last a lifetime.   Join our community of passionate, adventurous, and alpine-inspired mountain employees.
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