The City of Greeley is seeking a unique individual to join our team as the Economic Health and Housing Director.  In addition to traditional Economic Development responsibilities, opportunities for involvement with creating a housing strategy for our community, being involved with the community image campaign, and oversight of the Urban Renewal Office are just a few of the non-traditional components of the job.
Within Greeley's economically diverse community, the Director is responsible and accountable for establishing, leading, and managing the Economic Health and Housing Department with a staff of six including its personnel, budget, and resources. The position reports to the City Manager and participates as a member of the Executive Team.  In collaboration with all City departments, the Director is responsible for meeting best practices for the development and deployment of goals, objectives, and tasks of the Department. 
Responsibilities of the department include the execution of the City's Economic Development Strategic Plan and Program; create a Housing Strategy with the Community Development Department; collaborate with the Communications and Engagement Office in the City's Image Strategy; serve as a liaison between the City, business and industry, other governmental agencies, area business and development entities; recruitment and retention of businesses, including expansion of operations; oversight of City's  business incentives; business data and economic resource development; collaboration with regional workforce development organizations; manage the Urban Renewal Office responsible for the administration of the City's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership (HOME) programs and the finances of other related grants and programs (eg. Tax Increment Districts); serve as staff to the Greeley Urban Renewal Authority (GURA) Board. 
As the county seat, Greeley is the business center for Weld County and is the second- largest community in northern Colorado. It serves as a major retail trade center for agricultural communities in northeastern Colorado, southeastern Wyoming, and southwestern Nebraska. Located 60 miles north of Denver and 60 minutes away from Denver International Airport, Greeley offers a strong and appealing environment for business development.  Recently ranked as the #2 Best Small City for Jobs in Communities Expected to Lead Economic Growth from 2013-2020.  The Greeley MSA ranked 3rd for job growth among 346 large U.S. counties with 5% annual gain in the third quarter of 2017 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Greeley has also seen its sales tax revenues grow by 7% in 2017.  Economic Health is one of the City's top work priorities.

**First initial review of applications will begin on July 31, 2018

This posting may be removed at any time. 

  • Educational background and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Economics, Planning, Public or Business Administration, or related field (Master's degree preferred);
  • Five or more years' experience in progressively responsible positions in an economic development, redevelopment or planning agency, or related private sector experience;
  • Working knowledge of the principles and practices associated with public administration, economic/community development, accounting and financial management principles;
  • Knowledge of best practices associated with relationship building, economic development and redevelopment, sales and marketing, forecasting, and modeling;
  • Knowledge of fiscal impact and community analysis software is desirable;
  • Knowledge of project development, cost/benefit analysis, and related construction considerations;
  • Knowledge of project management principles and practices;
  • Comfortable with and knowledgeable with the use of maps, charts, and other graphic tools; knowledge of GIS software is desirable;
  • Working knowledge of the use of various economic development financing tools and incentives, including Enterprise Zones, Tax Increment Financing, and Private Activity Bonds, among others;
  • Strong customer relationship orientation, skills, and aptitudes;
  • Thorough understanding of primary industry's plant and investment needs;
  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills, including public relations skills  (ability to converse in Spanish is desirable);
  • Ability to reason and solve complex and confidential issues;
  • Experience with mediation, conflict resolution, and effective problem solving;
  • Ability to manage change and sensitive topics;
  • Knowledge of applicable local, state and federal laws, codes, rules and regulations;
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships with administrators, boards, developers, organizations, employees and the general public;
  • Knowledge of best practices for workforce development;
  • Awareness of Greeley's distinct economic strengths and opportunities including agriculture, energy, creative industries, education, health care, and manufacturing;
  • Demonstrated success working in a community with demographics similar to Greeley;
  • Residency in the City of Greeley is highly desirable.
Ability to develop and implement the City's economic health and housing initiatives and programs, such as:

  • Effectively merge the GURA functions into the Economic Health and Housing Department;
  • Execute and update as necessary the City's Economic Development Strategic Plan and initiatives, including recommended incentives, target areas and goals;
  • Establish and manage a City Housing Strategy;
  • Provide administrative oversight and leadership of GURA programs, grants and activities;
  • Deploy an economic development strategy targeting key economic development drivers that are in alignment with the City's resources and values; 
  • Collaborate with multiple City departments and entities to identify, attract, develop and ultimately site potential businesses;
  • Direct economic research activities to determine needs and economic impact of projects; provides technical guidance and/or assistance in solving complex and difficult planning projects;
  • Provide site analysis information, including demographic, tax, fee, development, and related information;
  • Assist existing businesses in preparing marketing and revitalization programs;
  • Maintain records and data bases of business prospects and contacts; 
  • Develop plans, programs, and financial packages to address retention and expansion of existing business;
  • Develop and deploy plans and programs to preserve and increase the City's retail tax base and general economic prosperity;
  • Analyze economic development opportunities, research background material, develop alternative approaches and recommend solutions;
  • Maintain and expand Greeley's involvement in various workforce development initiatives;
  • Monitor economic development indicators;
  • Provide research to support resources and services for Greeley businesses;
  • Identify measures of success, economic and community indicators and accountability for economic vitality and redevelopment efforts; monitor and report on such performance measures
  • Present oral and written reports to City agencies and City Council, economic development interest groups, and other interested parties;
  • Work directly with all City Departments in support of the City's image campaign to promote the City as a business-friendly community; 
  • Act as a liaison to various public, not-for-profit and private business development organizations by representation at meetings, community functions and other related activities;
  • Represent the City to the business community and engage in cooperative efforts with the University of Northern Colorado, Aims Community College, Chamber of Commerce, Upstate Colorado Economic Development, One NOCO, Small Business Development Center, University District, Creative District, Downtown Development Authority,  and other local, regional and national business and service interests, organizations and associations, as well as at trade shows and conferences;
  • Initiate and invite public outreach to encourage community participation in City projects, regulations, and discussions that impact business and commerce;
  • Establish and maintain a visible and accessible public profile;
  • Select and supervise staff to include: prioritizing and assigning work; conducting performance evaluations; ensuring staff is trained; ensuring that employees follow policies and procedures; maintaining a healthy and safe working environment; and making hiring, termination, and disciplinary recommendations;
  • Coordinate with City executive and management staff on city policy issues;
  • Prepare and monitor the department's annual budget.

  • Work is performed in a variety of environments including office, retail, manufacturing, and any other environment necessary for the position;
  • Frequent contact with employees and the public – in person, electronically, and on the telephone;
  • Requires ability to perform multiple tasks at one time with frequent interruptions;
  • Requires ability to travel via automobile, airplane and other modes of transportation as necessary.


  • Ability to operate vehicle, personal computer, telephone, photocopy machine, facsimile machine and other standard office equipment;
  • Communication skills enough to convey information to the public via telephone and in person;
  • Vision enough to interpret computer screens and documents to assist the public and complete work assignments;
  • Manual dexterity enough to accurately input, retrieve and verify work assignments.
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