Primary Responsibilities:

Organizational Leadership

  • Guides implementation, with Artistic Director and board, of the strategic plan to ensure organizational sustainability and resilency
  • Communicates the organization’s vision, mission, strategy and objectives to potential and current donors, community stakeholders, parents and other constituents
  • Promotes the organization as spokesperson at CTB events, public speaking engagements, fund raising solicitations and volunteer development activities, social appearances, and other
  • Organizes and participates as a decision maker in all Board and committee meetings
  • Collaborates with Artistic Director and founder on program implementation, staffing, programmatic priorities and support of the teaching artists

Financial Management

  • Has a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s fiscal management, annual budget, budget planning process, and fund raising goals
  • Develops annual operating budget in conjunction with the Artistic Director and board and leads monthly financial reporting
  • Manages artistic programming to budget on monthly and annual basis in collaboration with artistic director
  • Responsible for day to day fiscal responsibilities such as preparing event budgets, W-9 forms, reimbursing staff, making deposits, paying bills, and communicating with the book keeper


  • Manage individual donor relations in partnership with Artistic Director
  • Build and maintain coporate sponsor program to increase participation from local companies
  • Oversee grants, manage timelines, prepare grants as needed, work with book keeper to provide financials, communicate with program officers at foundations, write and submit final reports on time, and grow grant funding
  • Work with artistic director and board to design and implement fundraising events throughout the year Governance
  • Participate in, and contribute to Executive, Finance, Long Range Planning, and Board Committee agendas
  • Provide formal reports to the Board of Directors for all meetings
  • Cultivate and on-board new board members


  • Responsible for administration of the organization in support of the program
  • Manage school partnerships
  • Function as human resources liason for all staff in a professional and confidential manner
  • Attend end of program performances and provide support and community engagement
  • Ensure proper video and photography documentation of program occurs
  • Manage program evaluation and reporting
  • Write and produce annual report
  • Seek out opportunities to build the organization’s network and capacity
  • Respond to inquiries about the program
  • ensure all legal and professional certifications and requirements are maintained
  • Direct website updates to keep it current
  • Direct all social media and newsletter marketing communications

Working Conditions, Environment and Physical Requirements:

  • Performs his or her functions in a variety of environments including: home office, schools, residency sites, and other locations
  • Requires a 40 hours a week commitment Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:
  • Believes in the mission of the organization
  • Strives for excellence with a “Can Do” attitude
  • Builds and nurtures a team atmosphere
  • Interacts well with people of diverse ages and backgrounds
  • Works collaboratively with poise, grace, and humor
  • Demonstrates excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Models effective leadership and demonstrates excellent managerial and delegation skills
  • Executes all book keeping responsibilities with confidence and excellent organization

To apply please send a cover letter telling us why this job is a good fit for you, and your resume to Hannah Finnegan at

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