Job Description: 

This is a full-time position.
Reports to:
Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA Board of Directors
Will work collaboratively with the Executive Committee and, if needed, the Interim Director during the transition.
Purpose of the Position:
To ensure and enhance Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA program quality and sustainability.

BA, MA, or equivalent with focus in a human service related field. A minimum of three years in a management position, preferably non-profit management. Must exhibit successful fundraising, grant writing, and public speaking experience.

Key responsibilities:
1. Day-to-day Operations of Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA
a. Supervise staff utilizing high quality management practices.
b. Provide for productive and efficient operation of the organization.
c. Be responsible for own work product and communications.
2. Board of Directors
a. Work in partnership with the NWRM CASA Board of Directors.
b. Serve as resource to all board committees.
c. Participate in strategic planning.
d. Assist in recruiting and training of new Board members.
3. Fiscal Management
a. Oversee monthly fiscal management for NWRM CASA, including acting as staff liaison for annual audit.
b. Develop agency’s annual budget with Finance Committee.
c. Maintain an oversight ledger of revenue and expenses.
4. Fund Development
a. Help ensure NWRM CASA's stability through focus on funding opportunities.
b. Research and write all grant proposals.
c. Provide grants management including accurate and timely submission of reports to funders.
d. Serve as resource for all NWRM CASA board initiated fundraising activities.
5. Public Relations and Marketing
a. Foster public relations and marketing presence for NWRM CASA.
b. Ensure an up-to-date website.
c. Establish positive media relations for NWRM CASA.
6 .Other Duties
a. Respond to situations as needed for the management and success of NWRM CASA.

Areas of Responsibility

1. Manage budget and day to day fiscal operation.
2. Develop a budget in conjunction with the Board of Directors.
3. Forecast cash flow to board of directors.
4. Provide financial reports from bookkeeper to the BOD.
5. Actively participate, as needed, on community outreach committees regarding grants and other funding sources.
6. Research and write grants as well as submit needed grant reports.
7. Actively participate in fund-raising activities.
8. Oversee the development and maintenance of a donor base for both monetary and non-monetary resources.
9. Ensure that Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA has adequate funding at all times to meet or exceed its annual operating budget
1. Hire and supervise paid and volunteer staff.
2. Train and supervise volunteers in conjunction with program coordinators.
3. Conduct performance reviews in accordance with the NWRM CASA’s personnel policy.
4. Provide staff development and supervision.
5. Develop and as necessary, revise the Job Descriptions for all staff within NWRM CASA.
6. Implement policies adopted by the Board.
1. Convey the mission with passion in a professional manner, coordinating public relations with purpose of increasing public awareness of the CASA program.
2. Network and collaborate with State and National CASA organizations.
3. Approve all written public relations material printed by NWRM CASA.
4. Serve as a liaison between the Courts, Human Services, attorneys and other professionals.
5. Network and collaborate with other youth serving and advocacy agencies to coordinate services.
6. Coordinate Outreach Committee meetings with OC Chair and Program Coordinator, and attend meetings only as needed.
7. Be available for public speaking engagements.
1. Maintain databases to track cases and volunteers.
2. Comply with national CASA standards.
3. Track and monitor agencies goals and measures.
4. Work with BOD to develop and implement new programs, services, strategic plan.
5. Oversee implementation of policies and procedures.
6. Facilitate surveys for community feedback and address the results.
7. Oversee volunteer recruitment and training for new volunteers.
8. Coordinate ongoing training for volunteers as needed or outlined in grants.
9. Update the MOUs with NWRM CASA, the Court and other stakeholders as needed.
10. Provide supervision to volunteers if no program coordinator is available.
1. Attend and participate in all board of directors meetings as a non-voting member.
2. Help in the development of agenda with board president
3. Serve as liaison with board, agency, program staff and volunteers.
4. Apprise Board of Directors of all operating changes and issues affecting NWRM CASA.
5. Consult and participate with board committees as appropriate.
6. Provide packets to BOD in advance of meetings consistent with the bylaws.
7. Coordinate with BOD on Board recruitment.


  • Minimum undergraduate degree and/or comparable work experience in nonprofit administration, fund development, public relations, human services/mental health or related fields  Understanding of volunteer program management principles
  • Knowledge of national, state and local funding resources for human service organizations  Experience in personnel administration, financial management  Knowledge of child welfare, juvenile court systems
  • Strong computer skills: Including email, Word, Excel, Publisher, Access and video conferencing  Clearance of criminal background screening  The ability to maintain confidentiality of information regarding cases and volunteers 
  • Commitment to CASA’s goals and mission


$55,000 to $60,000 depending on qualifications. Paid time off. Federal holidays off.

How To Apply

Please learn more and apply online at The job listing should be posted very soon.

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