The Position

The General Counsel provides legal and strategic counsel to Denver Water, acting through its Board, CEO, and employees, consistent with the Colorado Rules of Professional Responsibility. For administrative purposes, the General Counsel reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Manager. 

The General Counsel is responsible for managing the Office of the General Counsel and overseeing the work of outside counsel, leading Denver Water strategic and tactical legal initiatives, and providing effective advice on Denver Water rules, policies and procedures, business strategies and their implementation.

The General Counsel represents Denver Water in a wide array of matters, including water, property, contract, municipal, administrative, construction, employment, environmental, and other relevant areas of law.

The General Counsel appears on behalf of the Board in federal and state courts, administrative proceedings, regulatory matters, before government agencies, and in other outside contexts such as speaking and presentations.

The General Counsel manages a division of 12 attorneys.  He/she has responsibility for an annual budget of $ 3.6 million.


Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is a highly experienced attorney who understands public sector environments and legal issues and who is committed to public service.  Candidates should have deep understanding of effective business operations and value the opportunity to support a mission-driven organization in the attainment of its goals and objectives. Candidates should be outstanding personal communicators, motivators, and leaders with strong customer service skills.  Candidates must be culturally nimble, adaptable and able to interact with a diverse spectrum of people.

Additionally, candidates will have:

  • Leadership Skills
    • Demonstrated experience in developing, managing, and directing teams of professionals to achieve significant results.
    • Demonstrated experience in setting strategic direction for functions and being part of an executive team charged with establishing and delivering on strategic goals for the organization as a whole.
    • Demonstrated experience in presenting complex information to diverse groups of stakeholders.
    • Demonstrated ability to navigate through complex organizational issues.
  • Business Skills
    • Strong understanding of core business operations and how legal counsel can support those objectives.
    • Proven financial acumen and knowledge of effective budgeting, cost management, and financial planning.
    • Proven ability to partner with business function leaders to find effective solutions to operating issues.
    • Knowledge of public sector operations and the legal parameters that support public sector entities; some specific understanding of utility operations is helpful.
    • Demonstrated experience in helping business partners manage risk.
  • Legal Skills
    • At least 12 years of active litigation or transaction legal practice, with demonstrated leadership for managing complex matters and managing groups of internal and external attorneys.
    • Demonstrated ability to lead complex negotiations with diverse groups of stakeholders and interest groups.
    • Some experience in working with public policy makers and appointed government officials.
    • Strong research and analysis skills/experience.
    • Knowledge of Colorado water law is helpful but not required.
  • Personal Qualities
    • Strong critical thinking skills.
    • Abiilty to collaborate across groups, listen and understand, exhibit patience and congeniality, and to demonstrate a strong team ethic.
    • Clear and concise communication skills.
    • Proven ability to maintain a consistent reputation for integrity.
  • Other
    • Juris Doctorate from an accredited law school
    • Admission to the practice of law in Colorado or the ability to obtain admission to the Colorado Bar within six months of employment.



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