Blueprint Mission & Vision Alignment

  • Advance and assure the work of the Blueprint is in line with the Blueprint’s mission, vision and strategic goals. Provide thought leadership on project and mission impact, project capacity, risk factors, and other key factors to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Develop and facilitate the Blueprint Implementation Plan including creating the timeline, strategies and Key Performance Indicators, along with fellow workgroup leaders/members and through the guidance of the Governing Council
  • Manage and facilitate strategic development activities of the Blueprint, including identifying emerging opportunities to leverage current work and internal capacities for new funding opportunities
  • Cultivate partner connections and relationships helpful to advancing the Blueprint Implementation Plan

Blueprint to End Hunger Program Direction and Implementation

  • Facilitate program implementation to ensure alignment with overall Blueprint strategies, inclusivity, diversity, and equity
  • Oversee and facilitate the efforts of the four goal-focused Blueprint workgroups; collaborate with workgroup Chairs and Co-Chairs to lead and evaluate this work
  • Develop procedures and practices with the goal of supporting multiple workgroup efforts leveraging the diverse expertise of workgroup members
  • Continuously improve the program systems and practices, collaborating with Blueprint Internal Team members, workgroup leaders/members, funders, and the Governing Council to identify gaps or inefficiencies; develop competency, structural, or process-based solutions to mitigate programmatic risks
  • Manage project compliance to ensure project work is in alignment with existing contracts and funding regulations
  • Implement project reporting to ensure that project progress is well documented and communicated to relevant stakeholders; that project work is in alignment with existing contracts; and that program evaluation leads to strong performance and future funding
  • Direct and manage, in coordination with other Blueprint Internal Team members, workgroup leaders/member, and the Governing Council, the Blueprint’s strategic Implementation Plan
  • Ensure collaboration with the Governing Council, workgroup leaders/members, and the Blueprint Internal Team to build and maintain a strong team-based environment that supports existing and future work

Operations Management

  • Develop standard operating procedures and practices for the project to ensure programmatic and funder compliance
  • Lead marketing and public relations strategies that will cultivate and enhance meaningful relationships with targeted audiences
  • Manage an integrated strategic communications plan to advance Blueprint brand identity; broaden awareness of its vision and goals; and increase the visibility of the programs across key stakeholder audiences
  • Execute internal team decision-making

Finance Strategy & Oversight

  • Manage programmatic financial security strategies as defined by the Governing Council
  • Develop the Blueprint budget, including blending and braiding financial resources from multiple funders in coordination with Trailhead staff and the Governing Council
  • Identify opportunities and lead efforts to generate revenue for the Blueprint through individual contributions, corporate sponsorships, grant writing, earned income strategies, and other funding mechanisms
  • Support the Trailhead Finance Department with Audits and Fiscal Compliance as related to the Blueprint funding
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