Position:  Junior Email Marketing Associate
Hi, I'm Sam, Marketing Manager on the Lifecycle team at Craftsy.
Our mission at Craftsy is to become the premier destination for curated education, inspiration and supplies for passionate makers. Combining best-in-class expertise in digital marketing, technology, content and eCommerce, Craftsy is one of the fastest growing and most successful startups in the US. We’ve raised over $100MM from the world-class investors who backed Facebook, LinkedIn, and Blue Apron. We're located in stunning Denver, CO a city ranked consistently as one of the best places to live and home to a thriving startup and business community.
If you're eager to start a career in digital marketing, then come join Craftsy! We're looking for an enthusiastic new recruit to become a part of our sophisticated, performance-driven marketing team.
The Lifecycle team at Craftsy focuses on building a relationship with every member to make Craftsy their one-stop crafting destination. In this role, you will collaborate with senior managers to build, optimize, and test existing and new email campaigns to retain our amazing customers.
Does this sound like you?
  • I sweat the small stuff. I double and sometimes triple check to make sure everything is exactly how I would like it.
  • I’m a “techie.” I ask a ton of questions and don't mind spending my own time trying to figure things out.
  • I'm resilient. I realize that I’m not perfect and understand feedback is an opportunity to improve. 
  • I can roll with the punches. I like going in with a plan, but when that plan changes, I adapt and dive in.
  • I have spidey senses. I know when something seems off — no matter how small — and I take the time to look into it.
Specifically, you will… 
  • Work with cross-functional teams to design, build and launch promotional email campaigns.
  • Run in-depth analyses of promotional email campaigns and provide recommendations for campaign optimization.
  • Master our email marketing tool to maintain existing email templates and create new ones.
  • Recommend, execute and evaluate A/B email tests to prove out marketing hypotheses.
  • Become an valuable internal resource on email best practices and the inner workings of emails campaigns.
  • Assist in generating coupons or uploading special pricing for marketing promotions.
Your background and experience may include, but is not limited to…
  • Previous experience working with Microsoft Office suite of tools, especially Microsoft Excel
  • Preferred but not mandatory is an understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript
How to apply… 
  • To start, send us your resume, pointing out specific academic or professional accomplishments.
  • Instead of attaching a templated cover letter, answer the following questions to help us get to know you:
  • What is one of your life's passions? (It doesn't have to be Arts & Crafts!)
    • How did you get started?
    • How could this experience be applied to what we do at Craftsy?
  • Tell us about an email list that you are subscribed to.
    • Why did you first sign up?
    • What do they do well?
    • What could be done better?
  • What is CASL?
    • Provide a one line overview of what this is.
    • What should Craftsy do to comply with it?

APPLY AT THIS LINK: https://www.craftsy.com/job-opportunities?gnk=job&gni=8a7880cf59fd46170159ffa806883ca5&gns=AHJobsList

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