Position: Teaching Fellows      


Our Mission: Building a foundation of skills, knowledge and character, University Prep educates every K-5 scholar for a four-year college degree and life of opportunity.


Why you’ll love us:


“Teaching at U Prep was the best move I could have ever made for my career as a teacher. I’m surrounded by teachers who constantly push me to become the best teacher I can be for our students. I’m constantly learning, innovating, and improving on what I learned the day before. If you want to be the best you can be this is the place to learn how.” – U Prep Teacher


We approach teaching differently. We believe it is a craft that is mastered over time through deep ownership of your growth and a constant pursuit of excellence.


At U Prep every ounce of educator energy and effort comes from a place of love and commitment to our children and our mission. Being surrounded by excellent educators who are obsessed with our scholars winning makes all of us better. There may be nothing more energizing than being part of a like-minded, mission-driven team that is unwavering about doing right by kids.  


As passionate as we are about our scholars succeeding we are equally dedicated and committed to our adults. Our teachers are loved and deeply supported in their professional and personal development because we know that’s what it takes to achieve excellence and we’re serious about our people becoming exceptional. 


Your compensation, benefits and supports at U Prep exist with the recognition that U Prep educators are the heart of everything we do and the game changers who make all the difference.


Our compensation and benefits for Teaching Fellows include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Annual salary of $32,600
  • Once Teaching Fellows complete the Fellowship year and transition into a teaching role at U Prep (their 2nd year with us) they gain access to highly competitive salaries, starting at a minimum of $ 47,000.
  • Participation in the Colorado PERA retirement program, including PERA 401K option.
  • 100% of medical benefit covered for all employees, and options to elect dental, vision, critical illness and accident benefits.
  • Up to $600 in contributions to a personal wellness account.
  • Three weeks of summer professional development (PD) for new employees.
  • Robust PD over the course of the school year (including our Summer Institute)
    • 140+ hours of PD for new instructional staff
  • Weekly personalized coaching and supports:
    • Time to connect (our leaders go beyond helping develop your technical skills and ensure we know what’s going on with you)
    • Classroom observations including real-time coaching
    • Observation feedback sessions
    • Co-Intellectual Prep meetings (working with you to prepare for instruction)
    • Data meetings to analyze and action plan
  • Weekly time for grade level teams to collaborate and engage with each other with a focus on helping all of our scholars succeed
  • Potential access to signing bonuses and moving stipends.


U Prep Fellowship Perks:

  • U Prep Teaching Fellows receive their Colorado teaching license and a Master of Arts in Teaching through our partnership with the RELAY Graduate School of Education*
  • U Prep in conjunction with AmeriCorps grant funds covers the full cost of RELAY Tuition**
  • Participation in hands-on, in the classroom training with scholars leading small group and whole group instruction. Through direct coaching, supports and mentorship, Fellows build their skills over time as they prepare to be highly effective teachers within University Prep.

*Assumes the Teaching Fellow meets all RELAY program requirements and passes the PRAXIS 5001.

 **U Prep will cover our portion of RELAY program costs in full on behalf of the Teaching Fellow as long as the Teaching Fellow remains actively employed at U Prep in good standing. Teaching Fellows commit to two years of teaching at U Prep after the completion of the Fellowship year. If the Teaching Fellow is no longer employed by U Prep during their Fellowship Year the individual will become financially responsible for program costs.


What you’ll do:

  • Embody mission and vision of our organization
  • Live by the five core values that guide our work together (Educate our Scholars, Serve our Families, Serve the Team, Walk the Walk and My Child)
  • Prepare to deliver high quality instruction in small group and whole group settings aligned to curricular expectations.
    • All Teaching Fellows, like Teachers, engage in a rigorous intellectual preparation process in which they deeply internalize lessons and practice critical portions in advance of delivery with scholars.
  • Deliver engaging, motivating, and rigorous instruction in whole-class, small group and individual settings using cohesive, standards-aligned curriculum (Teaching Fellows build to this responsibility throughout the year, carrying a larger teaching load as the year progresses and their skills develop).
  • Provide academic and behavioral interventions to small groups and/or individual scholars.
  • Analyze student achievement data and action plan in collaboration with instructional staff and leadership.
  • Monitor student progress in relation to action plans to ensure positive and meaningful impact
  • Build and enhance a classroom and school-wide culture of high expectations in which all children are positioned to engage with challenging, grade-level content
  • Teach & enforce school-wide systems and procedures designed to maximize learning for all children
  • Consistently use school-wide behavior management systems that ensure logical consequences and restorative practices that are predictable and supportive of scholar development
  • Support scholars in meeting and exceeding expectations set forth in our PREP values as they build their strength of character (PREP – Pride, Responsibility, Enthusiasm, Perseverance)
  • Communicate regularly and proactively with scholars and families
  • Plan for and lead parent/teacher conferences that strengthen the school/home relationship
  • Engage in the creation of quarterly scholar report cards that include academic performance and character development
  • Actively participate in professional development sessions (internally and externally), engaging fully to maximize learning of new skills and knowledge.
  • Continuously use feedback with direct coach, colleagues, and campus leaders to make productive changes in instructional practices and overall performance.
  • Complete all administrative requirements before given deadlines.
  • Participate in additional activities including field trips, intensive academic support sessions, and other required programs as needed throughout year.


Position Requirements:

  • Full commitment to, belief in, and alignment with mission and vision of University Prep.
  • Full commitment to organization’s core values and core identity
  • Unyielding optimism that children can perform at or above grade level regardless of where they may be starting their educational journey.
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (acquired by June 2021).
  • Be able to take and pass the PRAXIS 5001 (passing scores required by June 2021).
  • Openness to feedback and a strong desire for continual growth and development as a professional.
  • Demonstrated commitment to working in urban education and/or with a diverse student population.
  • Ability to analyze data and use data to inform decisions and/or instruction.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to work full-time, including some evenings and weekends.
  • Ability to work in person/in the school building. This is not a telecommuting role.
  • Bilingual preferred (English/Spanish).


Apply Today: visit: http://uprepschool.org/careers/


As an equal opportunity employer, University Prep hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.

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