Position: Manager of Enrollment


Our Mission: Building a foundation of skills, knowledge and character, University Prep educations every K-5 scholar for a four year college degree and life of opportunity.


The Challenge: Our schools are places that build an unbreakable foundation for our children and the futures they dream of – the futures they will choose. We strive to keep each of our existing campuses 100% full because we believe doing so provides more kids with greater opportunities for their future. Given a significant decline in elementary enrollment across our Northeast Denver community (nearly 15% decrease in four years) and a significant decline in elementary-aged students across Denver (3,500 student decrease projected over the next five years), we need a Manager of Enrollment who sees opportunity inside of challenge and who will find ways to achieve ambitious goals within a difficult context. Do you want to be responsible for owning, leading and driving this critical work of fulling enrolling our schools with a game changing team?


Summary of the Role:  The Manager of Enrollment is entrusted with advancing the mission of our organization through the management of all scholar enrollment efforts. As we continue to grow and expand our impact at U Prep, we know that ensuring families are aware of U Prep as a school option is crucial to both fully enrolling our schools and achieving our mission of all children having access to a life of opportunity.


The Manager of Enrollment will work closely with Central Office Leaders, Central Office Staff, and Campus-Based Teams to ensure that our schools are fully enrolled.


Why you’ll love us: At University Prep, we are creating possibilities for each and every scholar – giving them the academic and personal foundation they need to succeed later in life. As a staff, we have dedicated our lives to this work for two simple reasons: We care deeply about all kids and we believe in high-quality education for all. 


We are humble, passionate, determined, and drive every single day for the benefit of our children, families, and communities. We are unwavering, hardworking, and will always go the extra mile. We know that working hard as a team pays off, and that to make a real impact, it takes collaboration each and every day. When we work together, with our families and communities, we can ensure every scholar has a bright future.


Why we’ll love you: Do the following must haves resonate with how you are wired and demonstrable in your unique talents and experiences? If so, we invite you to apply and can’t wait to learn more about you!


You have a strategic mind: You are exceptional at putting words and ideas into action. You make data informed decisions even when you don’t have all of the information at your fingertips. You have a history of building a strategic plan, owning it and driving it to completion. You can also easily change course and adapt to ensure the desired outcome. You can rapidly identify the root cause of problems, and are tenacious in seeking out information that informs these decisions.


You love working with people:  Your experience has shown you that an investment in people and culture can lead to transformative change in an organization. You proactively build meaningful and authentic relationships, which positions you to effectively support and motivate those around you while investing stakeholders in critical outcomes.


You know and love your craft: While you have experience in this work and possess many of the hard skills necessary to get the work done, you approach each task, project and/or challenge with a fresh perspective and a learner’s disposition. You are open to new ideas and approaches while always keeping the end goal in sight. You do what it takes to get the job done and motivate others to do the same.


You never give up: When things feel impossible, you roll up your sleeves, ready to do anything necessary to make them a reality because you know failure is not an option. You are calm, level-headed with an unyielding sense of optimism. You take challenges and master them with the right action steps, and clear communication to/accountability for the other staff impacted.


You communicate effectively with others: Your communication skills are exceptional and you pride yourself on translating unfamiliar information to your colleagues in an easily understandable fashion. You work to listen and understand those around you and connect with them in ways to drive outcomes while caring deeply about individuals and the greater team.


What you’ll do: This role will be specifically focused on managing the enrollment process with Denver Public Schools (DPS) (and any future partner Districts), creating and implementing an enrollment plan/strategy, utilizing data to track progress and make adjustments as necessary, and ultimately, working independently as well as with our central office team and schools to execute game plans that meet enrollment goals.


Vision & Strategy:

·         Collaborate, develop and implement both short and long-term enrollment strategies/plans as aligned to U Prep’s enrollment priorities and mission.

·         Plan, recommend and maintain the processes and operations of enrollment for the U Prep network as aligned with District partner enrollment policies.

·         Manage day to day operations of U Prep enrollment activities from inquiry to enrollment through October count.

·         Maintain appropriate and accurate enrollment records and data to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of U Prep enrollment strategies and practices.

·         Oversee enrollment efforts outside of the enrollment window to ensure constant relationship building and brand awareness with key stakeholders in the community.


School and Recruitment Support:


·         Serve as the enrollment system gatekeeper between DPS (and any future partner Districts) and school-based operations teams.

·         Work closely with campus-based operations teams and leaders to meet year to year scholar/family retention goals.

·         Collaborate with Central Office leaders to develop tools, events and advertising campaigns to draw the attention of mission aligned families.

·         Train and enlist all U Prep staff and families as necessary to assist in the enrollment process.


District and Provider Relationships


·         Cultivate and maintain relationships with district partners, including DPS and any future District partners.

·         Cultivate and maintain relationships with local preschool providers and community organizations.


Compliance and Reporting:


·         Oversee systems support and enrollment policy compliance.

·         Provide regular reports and planning documents to the U Prep Board of Trustees, Central Office leaders, and Campus -Based leaders on the status and results of enrollment activities.


Systems Management:


·         Establish, maintain and develop appropriate systems to track and manage scholar/family interest, school choice forms and enrollment.

·         Administer the systems and processes for enrollment. Guides campus-based operations teams in waitlist movement and changes.




·         Be responsible for training and supporting campus-based operations teams and leaders on enrollment practices and systems.

·         Be responsible for training families on the school choice process and use of DPS (and any future District partner) systems.

·         Build a system for cultivating and training parent champions to engage directly with scholar recruitment efforts


Position Requirements:

·         A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

·         Two or more years of sales, community outreach, advocacy, campaign or student recruitment experience.

·         Bilingual required (English/Spanish).

·         Outstanding interpersonal communication skills – verbal and written.

·         Highly detail oriented with exceptional follow-through.

·         Ability to work full-time, including some evenings and weekends.

·         Proven track record of building, managing and executing successful projects.

·         Strong organizational skills.

·         Ability to complete all administrative requirements before given deadlines.

·         Ability to participate in additional activities as needed throughout year to best serve our children and community.


Compensation & Benefits:

·         Competitive compensation package and annual performance-based raises.

·         Participation in the Colorado PERA retirement program, including PERA 401K option.

·         U Prep pays 100% of the employee’s medical benefit and provides options to elect dental, vision, critical illness and accident benefits.

  • U Prep contributes either $250.00 or $600.00 to a personal wellness account for each employee.

·         Approximately one week of summer vacation and seven days of paid time off annually.

Apply Today: Visit: http://uprepschool.org/careers/


As an equal opportunity employer, University Prep hires without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.

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