If we were Amtrak you would be our conductor, whose main job duty is to “assure that passengers and crew arrive safely at their destinations.” At Vantage Evaluation, while we’re not responsible for people’s lives, we are a company that’s going somewhere—and quickly—with lofty goals to change the way mission-driven organizations use evaluation, data, and impact measurement. We’re looking for an Office Manager, someone to make sure our team and our clients are well taken care of along the way.

You are:

You truly care about helping others get to where they want to go. You’re sharp on a computer, can figure out technical issues, and you know how to run an office. You see something that needs to be fixed, you fix it. You see someone who needs help, you help them. You work with little direction. You know what someone needs even before they do. You’re good at figuring out details. You’re brave in your work and willing to push yourself beyond what you think you already know.

We are:

A fast moving company with a leader and a team who are driven and goal oriented. We love what we do while we’re at work, and we love what we do when we’re not at work, and we make time for both. We don’t micro manage and we create space for people to do big things. We enjoy and support each other. We’re constantly tweaking our work to serve our clients and our industry better. We grow personally and professionally. We change the world around us.

What you’ll do for us:

You’ll run our office, and you’ll be the first one to do it. This is a new role and while we’ve spent a lot of time identifying responsibilities, we’ll need you to help us implement the processes, and keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities to pitch in. Much of your time will support the owner of the organization. You’ll be the left brain to her right. You’ll do things like calendar and contact management, office supply ordering, and maintaining the office technology. You’ll make travel arrangements, coordinate community trainings, and help run our internship program. You’ll be responsible for the administrative steps in the sales process, supporting client projects, and organizing company retreats and outings. As well as a lot of other things we haven’t mentioned or even thought of yet. Your job is to keep the organization running smoothly, owning it when it isn’t, and always seeking ways to help us run smoother.

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