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The City and County of Denver is taking its marketing efforts to the next level. Denver Marketing and Media Services is embracing an opportunity to break out of the traditional government box and grow The Mile High City brand with innovative, video, and digital-led marketing solutions that speak to our customers – the people who live, work, and play in Denver. We are seeking an experienced and passionate individual to join our team.

Denver Marketing and Media Services manages the city's brand identity and works to create and support strategic efforts aimed at promoting the City and County of Denver. The department serves as a resource for all city agencies, advising them on marketing opportunities and best practices; traditional and emerging tools; design and messaging tactics; and helps to facilitate and leverage citywide sponsorship opportunities.


Denver 8 TV, our video production and online presence are vital parts of the city's global marketing endeavor. We are working to enhance customer experience by aligning digital technologies with marketing and communications efforts. Denver 8 TV provides live coverage of city council and committee meetings, public hearings, news conferences, election events, public policy forums, music shows, magazine show, and other original public policy programming.


Denver Marketing & Media Services for the City and County of Denver is seeking an On-Call Television & Video Engineer to support the operation, repair, and maintenance of television technical systems and equipment at Red Rocks, Levitt and Denver 8 TV production locations.


This is an on-call position which will work no more than 39 hours per week and is not eligible for benefits. On-call positions may have routine or variable work schedules. This position's schedule will depend on the client's needs.


As an On Call Television & Video Engineer, you will provide engineering and technical support for various video productions at Red Rocks and Levitt concert venues. This will include set–up, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring of various audio, and video equipment. These items include but are not limited to recording and production equipment such as: cameras, microphones, public address speakers, mixing boards, fiber connectivity, network, video monitoring, wiring/cabling, lights, lighting systems and any other related electronic equipment required to successfully record and distribute video products and programs.


Additionally, as an On-Call Television & Video Engineer, you will:

  • Be responsible for performing corrective, routine, upgrades and maintenance on video production equipment.
  • Work closely with the Denver Marketing & Media Services clients, Chief Engineer, technical directors, editors and the producers to ensure productions meet our quality standards & rules for compliance. Your work will be reviewed for adherence to instructions, accuracy, completeness and conformance to standard practice or precedent.
  • Be a contact for the public or employees where explanatory or interpretive information is exchanged, defended, gathered and discretion and judgment are required within the parameters of the job function.
  • Drive a City vehicle to various work locations, which will also include hauling equipment to/from Red Rocks and Levitt.
  • Have the ability to work all shifts required by a 24/7 operation


About You


We recognize your time is valuable, so please do not apply unless you meet the following required minimum qualifications:

  • Education Requirement: Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering Technology, Computer Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, or a related field.
  • Experience Requirement: Three (3) years of professional experience designing and installing video broadcast facilities and repairing other telecommunication devices to the component level.
  • Education & Experience Requirement: One (1) year of the appropriate type and level of experience may be substituted for each required year of post-high school education. Additional appropriate education may be substituted for the minimum experience requirements
  • Licensure & Certification: Requires a valid Driver's License at the time of application. Licenses and certifications must be kept current as a condition of employment.


About Everything Else


Job Profile

CI2903 Television Engineer Hourly

To view the full job profile including position specifications, physical demands, and probationary period, click here.


Position Type



Pay Range

Pay Range $56,954.00 – $91,126.00



Technology Services

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