The President & CEO is a vital member of the Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation team, overseeing all organization activities. Guided by the organization’s mission and values, the President & CEO provides direction and leadership, implements the organization’s strategic goals, ensures financial sustainability through fundraising, and supports the Board of Directors in fulfilling its governance function effectively.



Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation is a long-term partner to youth. We believe that through a deep, sustained commitment to youth and their families, our community can thrive, and our work together can be a key catalyst in fighting systemic oppression. We travel side-by-side with the same group of youth and their families as they navigate education and life, offering academic, social, and emotional support as they learn, grow, and achieve their dreams. No one should take this journey alone. When we fulfill our promises, anything is possible.

Since our founding in 1988, Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation has leveraged proven methods accounting for the whole child and given youth equal access to the resources they need to succeed. Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation partners with youth and their families from elementary school through college and career using a comprehensive support model focused on four key pillars:

  • Academic Development
  • Emotional Wellness Development
  • College & Career Development
  • Systems Advocacy


The President & CEO is a vital member of the Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation team, overseeing all organization activities. Guided by the organization’s mission and values, the President & CEO provides direction and leadership, implements the organization’s strategic goals, ensures financial sustainability through fundraising, and supports the Board of Directors in fulfilling its governance function effectively. The next President & CEO of Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation has the opportunity to build on the organization’s current success by sustaining the strong financial reserves of the organization, supporting the buildout of after-school and summer programming from its current state, partnering with youth in grades 3-9 to partnering with youth in grades 3-12 by 2025, and expanding the revenue-generating emotional wellness pillar of the organization.

The President & CEO is accountable to the Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation Board of Directors and reports to the Board’s Chair. The President & CEO will lead the Senior Leadership Team, and direct reports include the Vice President of Finance & Operations, Senior Director of Partnerships & Programs, Senior Director of Clinical Services, and Director of College & Career Development.

The President & CEO’s primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Strategic & Operational Leadership

  • Leading the Board of Directors and team to further Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation’s strategic direction and develop plans and priorities that maximize its ability to achieve its mission
  • Leading and managing activities to implement strategic plans, annual plans, and operating priorities, measuring and reporting goal achievement, and evaluating results to revise
    strategies as necessary
  • Ensuring Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation’s operations are consistent with its governing documents, are conducted ethically, and are true to its mission
  • Ensuring resources are well-managed to support current operations and strategic plans effectively
  • Identifying needs for organizational or policy change and managing change processes effectively
  • Maintaining focus on the long-term effectiveness of the organization while ensuring operational excellence in daily activities

Revenue Generation

  • Establishing clear fundraising strategies, annual goals, and detailed revenue development plans
  • Participating actively in implementing a fundraising strategy and tactics to achieve goals for the long-term sustainability of the organization
  • Engaging personally with individual donors, cultivating strong relationships with foundations, major donors, and other funders, and strengthening individual giving programs as a strategic component of the organization’s fundraising plans and results
  • Overseeing the work of the grants contractor, including reviewing grant proposals, gathering documentation as needed for grant submissions, and assisting in the completion of grant
  • Leading the coordination and execution of special fundraising and friend-raising events

Community Outreach & Strategic Alliances

  • Representing Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation professionally, passionately, and articulately in local, regional, and national communities helping to build the long-term “brand” of the organization and its programs
  • Ensuring the mission, vision, core values, and programs of Colorado “I Have A Dream” Foundation are represented to families, partners, other agencies, and the general public in an
    accurate and compelling manner
  • Identifying and establishing strategic partnerships to increase resources and advance opportunities toadvance the organization and its mission
  • Proactively seeking out and building relationships with complementary organizations to support substantial growth and delivery of services
  • Interacting effectively with key stakeholders at different levels in multiple jurisdictions
  • Leading external relations efforts, including media relations, community relations, and marketing
  • Overseeing the development of the most effective uses of social media and other emerging technologies to connect and communicate with youth, alums, families, partners, donors, and other community supporters

Program Development & Implementation

  • Overseeing the development and delivery of all programs, ensuring programs and services address community needs and fulfill the organization’s mission
  • Ensuring regular evaluation of programs and overseeing changes to content as needed so that high quality is maintained consistently
  • Maintaining a solid understanding of current trends in youth development, youth success, education, mental health, career development, and non-profit management

Financial, Facilities, & Risk Management

  • Understanding of financial management and demonstrated ability to manage an organizational budget
  • Leading the annual budget development and approval process
  • Achieving budget objectives consistently
  • Establishing effective internal controls to ensure accurate financial reporting and monitoring
  • Managing organizational risks effectively, minimizing legal and financial liabilities
  • Ensuring the organization complies with all regulated filings and other regulatory requirements
  • Communicating complete financial status to the Board regularly

Team Management and Development

  • Ensuring the organization is an “employer of choice” through careful adherence to relevant human resource laws and the maintenance of a workplace culture centered on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Creating and refining, as needed, an overall organization staffing plan constructed to meet the organization’s goals
  • Hiring, coaching, and supervising the Senior Leadership Team with a lens toward building independence, leadership, and accountability for each team’s goals and the overall goals of the organization
  • Encouraging radical candor across all team members with a focus on feedback that both celebrates success and yields improvement when needed
  • Addressing performance issues in a direct, timely, and consistent manner
  • Assessing and actively supporting the professional development needs of the team
  • Providing a clear example of effective mentoring and encouraging mentoring actions by other Senior Leadership Team members
  • Ensuring all team members are supported consistently through the organization’s performance management cycle
  • Participating in continuing professional development activities personally

Board Governance

  • In coordination with the Board Chair, supporting strategies to ensure the Board of Directors attracts, motivates, and retains members of the Board who effectively fulfill their governance responsibilities and are committed to achieving the organization’s mission and goals
  • Actively supporting the ongoing work of Board committees
  • Understanding and supporting the ongoing development of the Board to improve the effectiveness of members continuously
  • Ensuring Senior Leadership Team members provide regular program, operational, and financial data to the Board
  • Using the time and talents of Board members effectively to advance the mission of the organization


The ideal candidate will have a background in education, which may include experience leading a classroom or a high-performing school, working at a school district or higher education institution, or leading a successful non-profit or funding organization supporting education or youth development. The Board of Directors recognize, however, that there are good leaders from various disciplines and backgrounds. As such, candidates who possess the following qualifications will also be considered:

  • A track record of leadership, including at least ten years of professional experience, with at least two of these being in a role with significant management responsibility
  • Success in managing a complex, high-performing organization, division, or project
  • Evidence of achieving organizational excellence and improving organizational outcomes
  • Evidence of meeting annual fundraising goals and ensuring the financial sustainability of an organization
  • Success in collaborating with strong, independent leaders resulting in the achievement of key organizational objectives
  • Experience working with marginalized communities, particularly youth and families, to achieve exceptional results in academics, emotional wellness development, college & career development, leadership development, etc.
  • Experience building and managing high-performing teams in a variety of professional contexts


This is a full-time, exempt position. The salary range for this position is $125,000-175,000. Benefits include health, dental, vision, and life insurance, 401(k) matching program, paid time off, including holidays and birthdays, professional development opportunities, and more.


The full job description and application for this role can be found here.

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