SUMMARY: You are obsessed with social media. As a matter of fact, you know the platforms, better than you know your ABC's. Your family teases you that you can tweet, post, comment and share in your sleep. You can make friends anywhere but are especially prolific at curating online relationships that last. We are looking for the ultimate Social Media Community Specialist. Someone that can take day-to-day conversations and build a story that people will care about. You also don't mind crunching numbers and getting your geek on when it comes to building ads. You will get to work very closely with our Manger of Social and Digital Media Marketing and our Creative Director.


  • Make as many online friends as you possibly can, every single day. You will have access to the 1 million + followers across the Noodles social channels and we want you to talk to them ALL. THE. TIME. Specifically, Tuesday – Saturday, late mornings to early evenings.
  • You're going to be posting on our Facebook Location pages a lot.
  • We have the best franchise partners out there and we want to do everything that we can to help build their ads, write copy for their posts or just generally chat about all the newest social media updates.
  • You will also use the power of social media for good. Using our social listening tool, you will run overall brand sentiment reports, culinary reports on what our online friends are saying about certain items and any other report requests that come from our Central Support Office on a weekly basis.
  • Since you're so trendy, we know that you're going to keep tabs on the latest memes, slang and viral videos. Start getting ready to pass that knowledge onto the rest of us.
  • Like Social Media, your role and responsibilities might change to adapt to the changing platforms.


  • BA in Marketing, Communications or English. Or 1-2 years of relevant experience.
  • You have no fear when it comes to written & verbal communication. You know your grammar and are not afraid to use it.
  • You geek out on data, almost as much as you love talking to people. Best part, you know how to use data to inform your decisions and suggestions for future social media content.
  • You want to know EVERYTHING there is to know about Social Media. New software? No problem! Facebook & Snapchat are updating their entire dashboard? Awesome!


  • Speaking of dashboards, it's a plus if you've logged into Facebook Business Manager, Iconosquare, Twitter Ads and Hootsuite a few times to create targeted ads, make a campaign plan or pre-schedule content.
  • Is your side-hustle as an Instagram influencer? Show us those foodie or lifetstyle shots!
  • Did you beg to have access to your previous job's Twitter profile because the 250 character one-liners just flow naturally. We can't wait to see them!
  • Yes, you have to talk to real people too. Bring you're A game when it comes to collaboration.
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