In the spring of 1998, five passionate guys—Jon Nordmark, Peter Cobb, Frank Steed, Andy Youngs and Eliot Cobb decided to start their own company. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the luggage category and a dash of Colorado’s famous pioneer spirit, our “founding five” embarked upon a fantastic voyage that would take them from a scrappy startup selling just seven luggage brands to the #1 bag retailer in the world. Today, we’ve sold more than 27 million bags…and the company enjoyed phenomenal double-digit growth in 2016.

eBags is a place settled by people who refuse to settle. By outlaws and adventurers—folks who are hard-wired to make their own way. Folks who work to eat, but live to play. This is a learn-by-doing kind of town, and eBags is that kind of company. We’ve explored this tantalizing planet with the world’s best travel brands, and when the best wasn’t good enough, we made something that was. We sweat the small stuff so our customers can enjoy the big picture. Because after almost two decades in travel, we admit it’s more than wanderlust; this is wanderlove.


We’re looking for an adventurous Senior Digital Designer who is:

• Bursting with conceptual, creative ideas
• Experienced in web design for e-commerce
• Up-to-date with mobile and digital trends
• Excited (not intimidated) by tech innovation
• Mobile-first and comfortable with a fast pace
• Dedicated to continually refining his/her skill set
• A seasoned professional who can take direction
• Passionate about travel and ready to GO PLACES

• 5+ years’ experience managing, designing and coding for online environments
• Solid background in UI/UX, with dedication to maintaining current best practices
• 3+ years’ experience designing and coding digital assets for mobile (e-commerce and app design preferred)
• Ability to manage and deliver under tight deadlines in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment
• Demonstrated ability to write and present strategic/business rationale for all creative concepts
• Exploration of conceptual design and creative brand development influenced by business insights
• Ability to work well with others to execute design and creative deliverables based on functional requirements
• Excellent attention to detail, project management skills, communication skills and a positive attitude
• Ability to provide recommendations and design support directly to Group Brand Creative Director, Site Creative Director, merchandisers, e-mail team and other members of the business
• In-depth knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, MS Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, DropBox and WordPress.
• Experience with video editing software (Final Cut, After Effects, etc.) NOT MANDATORY but a major plus
And like all true adventures, it starts with really great people—and the right equipment. In business, as in travel, it takes both determination and durability to get from point A to point B. Our team has both, in spades. Over the past 17 years, we’ve gone from a scrappy local start-up to a national leader in travel goods…and we believe our amazing employees are behind it all.
To be honest, exactly the same things that make an eBags product. The finest raw materials: that perfect combination of rugged and refined. A healthy dose of flexibility: the ability to consistently function in top form across multiple duties. And finally—perhaps most importantly—a deep understanding that the journey is the destination.


Do you thrive on non-stop momentum? Are you a smidge more productive with a pooch under your desk? A tad more fulfilled with a belly-full of free food truck fare, and a belly laugh with your co-workers? Are you motivated by the idea of 4+ weeks of annual vacay, and generous discounts at the schmancy health club up the street? Us too!


A big ol' cupcake of awesome benefits, that’s what. eBags offers top-tier medical, dental and vision coverage, with a health reimbursement plan to help cover unexpected expenses—plus life insurance and long-term disability. Stock options round out the package…all of which keeps our crew fired up and ready whatever’s around the corner.

Ready to be part of an amazing team that’s going places in every sense of the phrase? Get in touch. We know a fellow wanderlover when we see one.


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