We are excited to share the Teaching Artist position at Youth on Record, a dynamic, creative youth development organization that harnesses the power of music and the arts. As a Teaching Artist, you will play a vital role in shaping the lives of students by delivering transformative experiences through music, creative exploration, and positive youth development.


Title: Teaching Artist 

Reports to: Academic Success Manager

Department: Academic Success 

Class: Full-Time Exempt 

Target Start Date: June 3, 2024 

Location: Youth on Record Office & Partner School

Starting Salary: $55,000


Who we are: 

Youth on Record (YOR) centers on Joy, Belonging, Authenticity, Collaboration, and Community in our in-school youth programs. Our enrichment programs are designed to help young people become more rooted in their personal power and thrive within the systems and circumstances designed to disempower and marginalize them. 

YOR is at the intersection of working in public schools and curating a space where young people can feel motivated and engaged, build positive relationships, feel accepted and validated, and develop leadership skills. We recognize that education alone can not solve systemic injustice, nor can it alone liberate youth. Art is a powerful tool, but it cannot bear the sole responsibility of creating more equitable communities. Still, when integrated under the right framework, education and art are powerful tools for liberation and equity. 

The Opportunity: 

We are excited to share the Teaching Artist position at Youth on Record, a dynamic, creative youth development organization that harnesses the power of music and the arts. As a Teaching Artist, you will play a vital role in shaping the lives of students by delivering transformative experiences through music, creative exploration, and positive youth development. Our mission is to empower young individuals through trauma-informed, liberatory, innovative, and engaged approaches, fostering nonviolent communication and identity-centered learning through music and the arts. 

Teaching Artists teach enrichment classes (including for credit classes) in partner schools and community spaces in the Denver-Metro area. Additionally, Teaching Artists lead and support workshops at the Youth on Record: Youth Media Studio and maintain consistent and professional relationships with the students and administrative leadership across school partnerships. 

Join our passionate team as we cultivate an environment that encourages self-expression, personal growth, and academic excellence. Your expertise in various artistic disciplines will catalyze young minds to explore their creativity, build critical thinking skills, and develop a strong foundation for future success. We are dedicated to providing academically and intellectually rigorous programs that empower our students to become confident, well-rounded individuals. 


Who You Are: 

You are a passionate music educator who thrives in collaboration. You believe in the transformative power of music and art to empower students, particularly from historically marginalized communities. By fostering a curriculum that celebrates the rich traditions and voices of BIPOC communities, you ignite a passion for music in students through personalized instruction and mentorship. Together with educators and staff, you strive to create a dynamic and inclusive learning experience for all students.

Primary Responsibilities: 

Throughout the academic year, teach classes focused on Modern Contemporary Music Ensemble; Identity, Power and Music; Music Technology, and integrating a Socio-Cultural lens in lessons. This includes lesson planning around Cultural Heritage celebrations. Courses may vary depending on the school partnership. 

As a Teaching Artist, you will: 

  • Fulfill all administrative responsibilities within their classes and schools (attendance, grading, lesson planning, survey administration, etc.). 

  • Actively participate in Professional Development opportunities led by or assigned by Youth on Record. 

  • Work in the Youth on Record office space three (3) days a week before or after classes.

  • Participate in weekly check-ins with the Academic Success Manager. 

  • Meet bi-weekly with the Academic Success Team to align on goals and objectives, and develop lesson plans centering BIPOC communities.

  • Arrive to class prepared to teach before the assigned start time. (Prepared is defined as having picked up the attendance roster, set up the classroom space, and written a complete lesson plan.) 

  • Identify and incorporate Colorado Academic Music Standards in lesson planning and curriculum design (and in partnership with a co-teacher when relevant). 

  • Implement Youth on Record’s pedagogical framework and strategies in class.

  • Facilitate a healthy, inclusive, and equitable classroom culture. 

  • Update and submit grades (usually weekly) and necessary student paperwork according to Youth on Record and respective school protocol. 

  • Follow all organizational and school-specific codes of conduct. 

  • Abide by city, state, and federal rules and regulations. 

  • When necessary, utilize behavior and discipline protocols as defined by respective schools. 

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with administrators and relevant teachers within respective schools. 

  • Other necessary, appropriate, and relevant duties as assigned. 

  • Support the advancement of Youth on Record’s Curriculum Development with a team of teaching artists and administrators. 

Administration and Operations Responsibilities: 

  • Direct relevant correspondence to the Academic Success Manager.

  • Submit weekly class/program updates to the direct supervisor as requested. 

  • Administer any necessary surveys for students to complete (end of quarter/semester/academic year). 

  • Provide Youth on Record with class roster, grades, and attendance data following the completion of each block/quarter/trimester/semester.

  • Attend all mandatory meetings (Check-ins, Academic Success Team meetings, All-Staff meetings, Care & Development meetings, Professional Development meetings, and Staff Retreats). 

  • Maintain the Youth Media Studio in excellent condition according to the standards set by relevant Program Coordinators. 

  • Use and check-out equipment according to policy and protocol established by relevant Program Staff. 

  • Appear in media and press relations at Youth on Record’s request as interested and available. 

  • Other necessary, appropriate, and relevant duties as assigned 

Professional Development Responsibilities: 

  • Attend and actively participate in Professional Development opportunities as assigned.

  • Participate in Youth on Record’s coaching structure. 

  • Participate in Youth on Record’s Support and Accountability structure/processes.

  • Participate in Youth on Record’s Inner Life development structure/processes. 

  • Other necessary, appropriate, and relevant duties as assigned. 

Skills and Qualifications: 

  • Background in music (instrumental, technology, production), creative writing/poetry, and/or mixed media, including visual arts with experience performing and teaching. 

  • Teaching experience is a PLUS. 

  • Bi-lingual (Spanish) a PLUS.

  • Classroom management background, with experience in lesson planning and facilitation.

  • 3-5 years of classroom, workshops, and/or experience working with diverse communities. 

  • Inclusive and innovative teaching and classroom management philosophies. 

  • Clear, direct communication style and a strong understanding of one’s personal communication style as it relates to the whole team. 

  • An orientation towards problem-solving, growth, and goal setting. 

  • Willingness to self-reflect and grow in response to new ideas, information, and constructive criticism. 

  • Willingness to approach colleagues with nonviolent communication strategies and constructive criticism. 

  • Strong understanding of how social identity, economic, and cultural factors intersect dynamically with/in Youth on Record programs, schools, students, colleagues, self, and society. 

  • Strong relationship-building skills and a track record of working with local community organizations and service providers. 

  • Self-starter, able to generate results and succeed in an environment with a highly motivated staff. 

  • Proficiency using Digital Audio Workstations (DAW- Ableton, Logic, Soundtrap) a PLUS 

  • Proficient in Google Suite / Microsoft products. 

  • Excellent writing skills. 

Additional Experience that may be considered: 

  • Working as a professional within the arts and music industry. 

  • Strong connections to and relationships with the local music community in Colorado.

  • An advanced degree in a related field (Music, Audio Production, Gender & Ethnic Studies, etc.) 

  • Artistic excellence outside of the classroom. 

Benefits: Youth on Record offers a robust benefits package which includes health insurance, retirement matching fund, 120 hours paid-time-off, various holiday observations, a mental wellness stipend, cell phone and coverage, professional development, fitness center membership, free access to recording studio for personal projects for a minimum of four hours per month, annual use of Youth Media Studio for two approved personal events (such as graduations, baby showers, birthday party, etc.), the opportunity to work remotely when necessary, access to arts and cultural events throughout the year.

COVID-19 Vaccination: In order to protect the health and safety of our staff and the communities we serve, Youth on Record requires employees, including some designated remote workers, to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccination.

Equitable Hiring Practices: YOR takes all measures to ensure that community members from a variety of backgrounds and lived experiences have the opportunity to work for us.

Learn more about the YOR employment experience in the pages following the job description.

To Apply: Please send your resume and a cover letter as a single PDF document to referencing “Teaching Artist” in the subject line.

The YOR Employment Experience

Education: Youth on Record is an education organization, so we clearly value education. We also know that access to higher education isn’t available to all people. While we do consider the advanced education backgrounds of our applicants, we do not require high school diplomas or university degrees for any of our positions.

Traditional Work Experience: The creative sector and making music profession offer many opportunities to gain skills that are applicable to our work; as does lived experience. So, while we do consider employment history, length of steady employment, and references when hiring new employees, we also consider the whole identity, life-experience, self-study, community involvement, quality and impact of artmaking, and a willingness to grow and develop in our applicants.

Criminal Records: We background check all employees at Youth on Record in an effort to ensure the safety of our students. That said, inequities in our criminal justice systems are considered when hiring employees with criminal backgrounds. Additionally, there are some past criminal offenses that do not impact the ability of our employees to perform their job duties. We speak openly and honestly with prospective and current employees about past criminal offenses and make case-by-case decisions about new and continued employment based on circumstances surrounding the offense. There are some offenses which do automatically disqualify you for working at Youth on Record, which include crimes against children.

Work Environment: YOR’s work is fast-paced, detail and deadline oriented. We are highly communicative, with a commitment to nonviolent communication practices and a trauma-informed approach to management. YOR is operating in a hybrid virtual and in-person schedule. In-person meetings and tasks will be completed based on the current needs of the organizations.

YOR’s Company Culture:

INNER-LIFE WORK: YOR is committed to the whole employee. Our commitment to "Inner-Life Work" provides our team with personal and professional workshops, activities, and opportunities for reflection that aim to support their growth, their goals, and their vision for their lives.

SUPPORT: YOR offers direct support to employees through management check-ins, mentorship and coaching, robust professional development training, professional goal setting, generous fringe benefits and competitive salaries, and opportunities to provide direct, transparent, and upward feedback about our work and work culture.

ACCOUNTABILITY: YOR is committed to ensuring that our work is excellent. To achieve this, teams are held accountable to program outcomes, project deadlines, program outputs, and financial oversight by way of peer-to-peer coaching & critical feedback, supervision, mid-year planning sessions, monthly all staff meetings, regular team meetings and annual 360 reviews.

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