Technology Jobs

Technology and Digital Services Strategist

The FPA (Financial Planning Association) Technology and Digital Services Strategist is responsible for the overall development, implementation, evaluation and improvement of technology/digital offerings across the OneFPA network. The strategist is responsible for ensuring that FPA’s digital and IT services align with the organizational vision, business strategy, long-term objectives, and financial goals. This individual will evaluate and implement new technology and infrastructure to streamline business processes, increase employee productivity, and improve the quality of the overall customer/member experience. The strategist leads the digital strategy for FPA and is responsible for developing mutually productive and accountable relationships with current and prospective partners and vendors that support the overall digital ecosystem of the organization. The strategist leads project/product teams, manages internal/external support, and supports all functional areas of the organization with the use of technology and digital services. The individual will also manage database and analytics practices to drive enterprise decisions and support the strategies of the OneFPA initiative.

Executive Director of Technology

Job Description:
The Executive Director of Technology provides vision and leadership for developing, implementing and managing information technology (IT) initiatives and functions to enhance teaching, learning, communication and school management. This individual will assist staff members, teachers, and students with specific technology questions. This individual will be proactive in assisting students and faculty in using all technology resources.

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