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Employee Communications Manager

Boeing is hiring an experienced, creative and energetic Integration Senior Manager for Regional Airlines with a proven track record generating and delivering growth initiatives and collaborating with multiple business leaders and working across organizations such as Sales, Marketing and Business Development to bring customer-oriented solutions that increase operational performance and reduce costs to the market.

The Employee Communications Manager develops and executes internal employee communications strategies and plans that engage, align and inspire wireless employees with Verizon’s overall strategy and the wireless market’s vision and business objectives. The successful candidate will focus on driving employees’ understanding of the company’s and the wireless market’s business priorities and key initiatives, promoting a performance-based, engaged culture. Integrates company’s priorities with wireless market priorities to help employees understand where the business is going and how their role is critical to our success.

Broadband Manager

The Wyoming Business Council seeks a Broadband Manager to coordinate statewide efforts to promote, increase and improve broadband service across the state. The Manager will gather and evaluate common goals, develop policy recommendations, implement plans and act as a liaison between WBC, the Broadband Advisory Council, industry representatives and ENDOW. A strong performer in this role will be one who drives results, engages others to implement opportunities and deploys resources to align with strategic priorities.

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