Youth Jobs


The College Bound Coordinator is a role with multiple parts. This role is responsible for the College Bound
Program, the High School Choice Program, and manages the operations of the office during the school
year and the Summer Program. This role will also assist with new student recruitment. This role may not
hold traditional office hours at all times, as this person may need to travel to a student’s school or home
in the afternoon or evenings. This role reports to the Executive Director and works collaboratively with
the rest of the Breakthrough team to ensure the programs run smoothly.

Professional Learning Facilitator

RMC Health is a Colorado-based nonprofit that develops and supports highly skilled professionals who can create sustained policy, system, and environmental changes. RMC Health is a national leader in providing learning, facilitation, technical assistance, resources, and best practices to increase health equity and advance the health of children, youth, their families, and their communities. RMC Health supports local, state, and federal health departments, youth-serving organizations, and K12 school systems throughout the country.

RMC Health’s current project portfolio includes: substance abuse prevention, K12 healthy schools, risk and protective factors for youth, tobacco and marijuana education and prevention, coalition building for local public health and school communities, meeting facilitation strategies, training design, and building capacity of stakeholders to provide high quality, effective in-person and virtual professional development (trainings, meetings, coalitions, and technical assistance).

The Professional Learning Facilitator builds knowledge, skills, and capacity of professionals to create policy, system, and environmental changes to improve health outcomes for children, youth, and their communities. The Professional Learning Facilitator is responsible for all aspects of the design and delivery of high-quality professional learning experience for clients in the public health sector; K12 schools and districts; youth-serving organizations; and nonprofits. Additionally, the Professional Learning Facilitator provides technical assistance, follow up coaching, and individualized support. The Professional Learning Facilitator is also responsible for resource development, policy review, and representing RMC Health at conferences and speaking engagements.

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