The Warehouse Coordinator role at the Jefferson County Library Foundation is a full-time (40 hours per week), hourly position focused on overseeing the scanning and pricing of used books (culled from Jefferson County Public Libraries and collected via individual donations and book contribution drives), readying the books (and CDs, DVDs, audio books, etc.) for sale. This person is responsible for general management of the Foundation warehouse and warehouse operations.

This employee also posts and handles online book sales of rare and collectible books as part of our Jeffco Friends online storefront.

The Warehouse Coordinator will work closely with a variety of dedicated volunteers, and will be charged with supervising all book scanning and pricing, plus will work with the Volunteer & Friends Coordinator in scheduling ongoing volunteer training via professional book dealers and Foundation vendors.

There will be some weeks that require flexibility to work evening and weekend hours (for example, with our semi-annual Whale of a Used Book Sales in June and October). This position will report to the Executive Director.

The Jefferson County Library Foundation (JCLF) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that provides fundraising and advocacy for Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL). Our funding supports library-related services for which tax dollars are not available. The main way we generate revenue to support our 10 Jefferson County Public Libraries is through used book sales.

Last year, JCLF earned more than $250,000 through our semi-annual Whale of a Used Book Sales, online book sales, in-library book sales and various other holiday and special event book sales throughout the year. JCLF also generates funding through individual solicitations, corporate sponsorships, grants, annual appeals, bequests and special events. These monies are used to expand and enhance the programs, projects and initiatives of Jefferson County Public Library.