Jobs In Centennial, Colorado

Management Analyst I-II

The Management Analyst is an exempt-level position that performs professional level work assisting the Director of Recreation and executive staff with research and analysis of complex projects and business operations. This position is responsible for developing, coordinating, implementing and administering parks and recreation special projects and programs consistent with the stated values of the organization. Provides business and strategic planning for parks and recreation departments and is responsible for administrative, analytical and professional assistance to the District and the community. Prepares recommendations for implementation of new or revised policies, procedures and process improvements for short-term and long-term parks and recreation projects. Drives a personal and/or District vehicle to other District facilities for business purposes.

Volunteer Manager

Lead and manage a robust volunteer program to meet Organizational needs. Create and implement all aspects of volunteer orientation and on-going volunteer training. Recruit, train, select and schedule individual and group volunteers for events, dog operations, and dog fostering. Provide supervision and direction to the Adoption Coordinator for dogs released from service or therapy training Manage court-ordered community service volunteers. Reports to President & CEO.

Veteran Services Coordinator and Dog Trainer I

Provide education and outreach efforts to recruit veterans and active duty military clients. Manage application process, applicant interviews, and client acceptance. Provide ongoing support for active client/dog teams including recertification. Manage the Operation Full Circle Veteran Dog training program. Provide basic obedience and custom task dog training using positive reinforcement and clicker training. Ensure adherence to Assistance Dogs International (ADI) standards for clients and assistance dogs. Reports to Client Services Manager and Dog Training Manager.

Grant Coordinator

Prepare grant proposals and grant applications, including researching, identifying, developing and responding to public and private grant opportunities in the areas of animal rescue, human services, service for disabled individuals, at-risk youth programming and veteran services. Must work effectively with foundations, funding organizations, businesses, volunteers and staff. Reports to Development Director.

User Experience Designer

In this role, you will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to Cochlear’s successful history of innovation by applying your knowledge of User Experience and User Interface design. To be successful in this role you will be able to work collaboratively with other departments on a national and global basis to turn project requirements in to effective digital experience designs.

Associate Director, Food and Health Communication

The Associate Director, Food and Health Communication, develops, manages and execute programs aimed at educating and engaging leading food and health professionals about beef’s role as a food for health. This role is responsible for guiding and directing outreach for beef nutrition resources to health and fitness professionals through educational opportunities, partnerships and ongoing relationship development, ultimately providing increased visibility for beef and its benefits among this important audience.

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