Jobs In Keystone, Colorado

Customer Experience Manager

The Customer Experience Manager is responsible for the sales of KSS Programs, client communication before and after their chosen experience, and managing all accounts receivable for fee for service based programs. The Customer Experience Manager has a team of three staff members to help accomplish all customer experience goals. A successful Customer Experience Manager will be an individual who is passionate about the Keystone Science School mission, a strong communicator of that mission, and can develop and implement sales plans.

Content Coordinator

The Content Coordinator is responsible for the creation and management of all digital marketing efforts including website creation in partnership with KSS contracted web developer, creation of all website copy, SEO, pay per click campaigns, social media, and the implementation of other digital marketing efforts. The Content Coordinator is also responsible for the creation and graphic design of all marketing materials for all KSS programs and events which includes postcards, mailers, and flyers. This position requires a high level of creativity, writing ability, and brand awareness.

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