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Executive Producer – Colorado Matters

Colorado Public Radio seeks a creative, collaborative and exceptionally organized editor to lead Colorado Matters, its flagship daily live news interview program. On Colorado Matters, the sky is the limit when it comes to storytelling. We do 1-on-1 interviews and panel discussions in our studio, but we also get out of the studio to make our segments sing with natural sound, a sense of place and to connect with our community. We don’t just think in radio, we think in pictures and video and social media.

The Executive Producer will manage a staff of multi-talented hosts and reporter/producers who are always striving to innovate and to improve. Colorado Matters isn’t sequestered to one corner of the newsroom. There is constant collaboration– sharing content and resources. Highlights of our work: on multiple occasions, we have won best interview program in a major market at PRNDI, we speak monthly with the governor and we regularly record shows on-stage in front of a sold-out live audience.

Marketing Manager

The ProtectWise Marketing Manager is responsible for developing, adapting and executing highly effective programs to increase market awareness, generate demand, accelerate pipeline and grow sales.

Business Organizer

Good Business Colorado (GBC) is seeking a full-time Organizer who will be primarily responsible for identify businesses that are values aligned with the organization and recruiting them to become members.


The Peer Mentoring Program Specialist plays an important role in the development of a large-scale, comprehensive peer-mentoring program to support the development of all MSU Denver students. Under the direction of the Assistant Director of Peer Mentoring, the Specialist will provide leadership and supervision to the student peer mentors, and collaborate with key participants to expand the program under Roadways. The Program Specialist serves as a direct liaison with academic units, academic advising, faculty, and staff to market, outreach, and develop campus partners who will champion the peer-mentoring program. The Peer Mentoring Specialist markets, recruits, trains, supervises, and provides evaluations to student staff hired in the roles of peer mentors. The role of student staff is to develop and maintain peer-to-peer relationships with all students in their target population through traditional and non-traditional outreach and programming initiatives. This position will contribute to the development and implementation of a peer mentoring curriculum that is focused on utilizing best practices and relevant theory for retaining students on MSU Denver’s diverse-urban commuter campus. MSU Denver educates a diverse student body, and all programs within Roadways embed inclusive excellence within our practices and philosophies. The successful candidate will work with and be sensitive to the educational needs of a diverse urban population.

This posting will be used to fill two positions.

Investigative Producer – Denver

The investigative journalism team is seeking a producer with strong investigative and data journalism skills.

Colorado Organizing Director

Your role stands at the intersection of organizing and the fight to change the odds for low-income children and families. The State Organizing Director is responsible for the development and execution of a capacity building plan which will take our organizing to the next level of scale and impact. As part of the Statewide Organizing Team, the State Organizing Director will ensure we have a solid ongoing presence in targeted locations to impact state policy implementation and elections and, where relevant, local policy decisions and elections through school-based, and in some cases community-based parent engagement. Organizing campaigns will be selected through a collaborative process with both national and state staff. The State Organizing Director oversees making sure the organizing plan strategically creates an infrastructure capable of long-term support of organizers who are working directly with parents and teachers to authentically develop and engage parent leaders, hold schools accountable for implementation of state and district policies, with the overall goal of improving literacy rates within a school and closing the achievement gap.

The State Organizing Director shepherds the strategy and plan to build long-term, grassroots infrastructure capable of executing direct impact, issue and electoral campaigns. The State Organizing Director works with affiliate leadership to engage with parent leaders, parents and teachers, to identify barriers and challenges to implementing evidence based state-level and district-level policies and working with affiliate communications staff to develop collateral to support parent and family engagement to increase literacy rates. The State Organizing Director also oversees the operation on the ground (including management of Statewide Organizers) to implement the organizing plan from start to finish.

The State Organizing Director will hold Organizers accountable for meeting metrics-based goals and ensure that the organizing staff has the coaching, training, and support they need to build robust teams. The State Organizing Director will manage Statewide Organizers directly, while the Organizers manage part-time Outreach Coordinators and teams.

The State Organizing Director will report to the National Organizing Director, while acting in service to and in seamless coordination with the Executive Director to empower parents in supporting their own child’s literacy progress, engage with their child’s teacher and principal, and engage with policy leaders and elected officials to ensure policies are effective.

Executive director

This is essentially a publisher position, running our fundraising efforts, expanding our distribution, and handling the administrative side of our growing public-interest news organization.

Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for all Project Sanctuary fundraising events (in-house and third party), volunteer program oversight, and community outreach programming.

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