No, You Are Not an Imposter (Even Though it Feels Like it Sometimes)

Impostor syndrome is real and it happens to us all to some degree.  I remember times in my life where I held positions of great responsibility.  For 8 years, I was the Head of Communications for the Mayor of Denver.  I’d built my career as a an expert public relations professional.  The Mayor clearly believed […]

So, Can You Tell Me About Yourself?

One of the most predictable but most difficult questions for job candidates to answer in a job interview is “Can you tell me about yourself?”  It’s a question that strikes fear into the hearts of job seekers everywhere. Why? Because we are taught throughout our lives to be humble.  We are taught from an early age […]

Jobs in the New Gig Economy, Part One

Introducing the ‘Gig Economy’ In the past couple of years, you may have read about the ‘Gig Economy.’ The Gig Economy is defined as a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs. Many people are enjoying careers as ‘gig’ employees as opposed to working in […]

Job Seekers: More Than Anything, Be Confident!

Are you confident that your talents, experience, accomplishments and career successes are valuable to employers?  Can you articulate this confidence in how you talk about yourself? How you present yourself to others? Is this confidence represented in your resume and in your cover letters?  In interviews and networking opportunities? In my more than 20 years […]

Age Bias in Hiring: Yep. It exists.

Sometimes I hate facing reality. I like to think the world is not as cruel and heartless as it can be. Maybe if I simply ignore it, it will get better. But, I’ve realized that the sooner you come to terms with the things that are holding you back from success, the more likely you […]

Want to Get a Big Pay Raise? Quit Your Job.

There are many reasons that people want to leave their current jobs: they are unhappy with their work, they don’t feel valued, the job seems boring, they have a conflict with their boss or their colleagues, or they don’t feel as if their current job gives them the opportunity to progress their career. Another legitimate […]

Are You Prepared to Lose Your Job?

I received a panicked call last week.  “Andrew, you don’t know me. I just lost my job.  I’m terrified. I’ve got 2 little kids and am the main breadwinner in the family.  I am so scared!”   You could feel she was holding back tears. This is not the first time I’ve received calls like […]

AH Jobs List: Lessons From an Accidental Entrepreneur

My how time flies! I started this job posting website 20 years ago, but it was 10 years ago this week when I took the biggest professional risk of my life: I quit my job to turn my ‘hobby’ into a full time business. I was 42 years old and was working as the Sr. […]

So You Got an Interview! Now What? Read This First.

Getting an interview can be an adrenaline-inducing experience! You’ve impressed someone with your resume, and now, its time to impress with your wit and charm and persuade them why you are the best candidate worthy of a job offer. So how do you prepare for an interview? What can you do in advance of, during […]

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of……Misery???

Can you imagine if at all times, we acted in such a way that was always in our best interests? We’d have enough self discipline to only eat food that was good for us, we’d never make ‘impulse’ purchases, we’d make sure we exercised 30 minutes per-day, we’d make sure to save for retirement, we’d […]

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