Are you confident that your talents, experience, accomplishments and career successes are valuable to employers?  Can you articulate this confidence in how you talk about yourself? How you present yourself to others? Is this confidence represented in your resume and in your cover letters?  In interviews and networking opportunities?

In my more than 20 years of working with job seekers, focused, red-hot confidence is the primary connection to getting a job offer.  It is represented in all the touch points of the job search – the resume, the cover letter, the conversations and the interviews.  

Confidence is not bragging, it is not arrogant nor egotistical.  It is simply taking ownership of who you are, what you can deliver and is backed up with authentic examples of how your accomplishments, skills and experiences can add value.

Confidence is not desperate and is not begging for attention.  Confidence is credible and believable and helps people to understand the true, authentic professional you are.

I get it.  As a job seeker, it can be daunting to sell yourself.  Throughout our lives we are taught to be humble and to share the credit.  But in a job search, you need to take ownership of the value YOU bring.  You are a product in the competitive market of job seekers and employers are making a purchase decision that is based on whether or not you can fulfill their needs and solve their problem.  They need to understand if you are the right person for that job. There is no way for them to reach that conclusion unless you give them confident examples and compelling reasons speaking to why you are the best choice.

Step away from the ‘stinking thinking:’ those gremlins in our minds that chew away at our confidence and highlight our insecurities and fears.  Remind yourself of your successes. Practice telling the stories of your proud accomplishments in your careers. These stories will give employers that ‘a-ha!’ moment and help them imagine you in the new role.

Continued good luck in your job search!

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