It’s no secret that Metro Denver attracts talent. More than 43 percent of our residents have a bachelor’s degree or better. While Metro Denver attracts workers from all over the world, it’s also growing its own energetic minds.

A robust educational system—from preschool to post-doctorate—prepares a workforce that’s well matched to the evolving needs of today’s workplace.

Behind every successful company is its workforce. And in Metro Denver, you’ll find just the highly educated, productive, and active workforce to drive your company’s growth.

Metro Denver is a magnet for talented workers who are interested in career opportunities in our region’s dynamic industries such as aerospace, bioscience, energy, investment services, and information technology.

As a business location, Metro Denver’s higher education system is one of the area’s greatest assets.

The numbers say it all — of Metro Denver’s adult population:

  • 43.7 percent are college graduates.
  • 90.9 percent are high school graduates.

And Colorado has the nation’s second-most highly educated workforce, with 39.2 percent having a bachelors degree or higher.

The Metro Denver region provides a wide range of higher education resources:

  • Eleven, four-year public and private colleges and universities
  • 239,399 total enrollments in Colorado
  • World-class research institutions
  • Graduate and professional schools
  • Broad spectrum of undergraduate programs
  • Six, two-year public community colleges, 300+ private occupational and technical schools
  • Many of Metro Denver’s colleges and universities offer non-traditional or adult education programs including evening and weekend options. Distance learning programs are available for those seeking degrees or certifications.

Courtesy the Metro Economic Development Corp.

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