AH Jobs List: Lessons From an Accidental Entrepreneur

My how time flies! I started this job posting website 20 years ago, but it was 10 years ago this week when I took the biggest professional risk of my life: I quit my job to turn my ‘hobby’ into a full time business. I was 42 years old and was working as the Sr. […]

Why It’s So Hard to Make a Living in Denver Despite Strong Economy

Westword Newspaper recently featured Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List to discuss the gap between the cost of living and the salaries being offered by employers in Colorado, the state with the lowest unemployment rate. Why It’s So Hard to Make a Living in Denver Despite Strong Economy By Michael Roberts A new survey lists Denver among […]

Colorado’s unemployment is the lowest in the nation – so how do you attract good talent?

Colorado’s low, 2.3% unemployment rate (an historical low and the lowest in the nation) is making finding talent increasingly difficult.  When recruiting for new employees, employers have one goal: find the best talent quickly and at a low cost.    How do you find good talent when all the good talent is working? On Andrew […]

Viewpoint: Low wages, high costs trump Colorado’s low unemployment rate

This appeared in the May 26 edition of the Denver Business Journal As a third-generation Coloradan, I wake up every morning feeling blessed to live and raise my family in such an amazing state. Recently, however, those blessings have been turning into anxiety. Colorado is one of the fastest growing states in the country. Remarkably, […]

Colorado’s Unemployment Rate is Now the Lowest in the Country: Thoughts From the Trenches

Colorado’s unemployment rate dropped to 2.6 percent in March, the lowest in the U.S. and the lowest since the state started tracking employment in 1976.   As an expert who takes the daily pulse of the Colorado job market, here’s my thoughts. It is remarkable is that we are seeing this kind of unemployment rate despite the […]

Moving to Colorado to find a job? Here’s how.

Take it from a  4th generation native: Colorado is an amazing place to live, work and raise a family! There is so much to do!  Incredible museums, mountains, ski slopes and diverse communities are thriving all throughout our state!  The people are laid back and friendly and the politics are pretty middle of the road.  But […]

Internships: Paths to Careers

I met recently with one of my former interns from back when I was the Director of Communications at Denver City Hall.  He told me the story of how his internship with me changed his life. I had no idea what an impact his internship had on him. He shared with me that as a […]

Employers: Improve your candidate response with these simple tips

Employers: Improve your candidate response with these simple tips From time-to-time, I hear from employers who are concerned their job posting is not attracting either enough candidates or the right kind of candidates for the position. Denver’s unemployment rate has reached record lows which also presents challenges to employers trying to attract candidates for open […]

Get Ready for the DBJ’s Book of Lists

Get ready job seekers!   In your job search, knowledge is power, and there’s no better place to get up-to-date business knowledge than the Denver Business Journal annual Book of Lists.  This is the week that the newly published 2016 Book of Lists will be delivered to subscribers. Whether your are a full time job seeker or […]

34 Colorado companies were named to Outside Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work List!

No wonder Colorado’s a hot market for job seekers!   An entire one-third of Outside Magazine’s 2016 list of Best Places to Work in America were companies based here in Colorado! According to Outside:  No one wants to spend the majority of their waking hours slogging through a boring job in a cubicle maze, cemented […]

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