Colorado’s low, 2.3% unemployment rate (an historical low and the lowest in the nation) is making finding talent increasingly difficult.  When recruiting for new employees, employers have one goal: find the best talent quickly and at a low cost.    How do you find good talent when all the good talent is working?

On Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List, over 70% of our audience are currently employed professionals, or ‘passive’ job seekers. Currently employed passive job seekers are open to the possibility of a new job and are scanning for new opportunity, but they have to be convinced it is worth it for them to take the risk of leaving a relatively stable position.

For employers wanting to reach these ‘passive’ professionals to apply for their open job, several things need to be considered:

1.) Make it easy to apply. Passive job seekers do not have the time for a lengthy and elaborate application process. If the application process requires multiple questions to be answered, a lengthy applicant tracking system, numerous examples of work product, they will most likely not apply. Employers should ask for a resume and a cover letter and then as the interview process continues, you can ask for additional information.

2.) Answer the question: “Why do I want to work there?” This is perhaps the most important question in attracting passive job seekers. They need to know WHY they should leave the relative comfort of a stable job and come work for you. In your job posting, describe and sell the reasons why you are an employer of choice. What is it about the culture that makes it a great place to work? Why do your employees like coming to work?

3.) Be transparent about salary. Passive job seekers are taking the risk of leaving a relatively comfortable position to jump into another job. They need to know that applying for a new job will be worth their time. If the salary range is not listed, it will limit the amount of passive job seekers applying for your job.

4.) Be clear. A massive list of job duties will be an overwhelming turn off for job seekers. Edit your job posting and list the 5 major requirements of the job. Try to answer these questions in your job posting: What does success look like in the job and how does the person in this job achieve success?

5.) Be realistic. I often see job postings that are a complete mismatch between years of experience required and the salary listed; between the job function and experience that is being sought. Research the job you are posting and be realistic and competitive in how your job described and the salary range that is being offered.

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