The New York Times recently profiled Chris Cunningham, co-founder and C.E.O. of Appssavvy, a social media-focused marketing firm.  He gave save valuable insight into what many people who are interviewing candidates are thinking and some good advice to job seekers.  In part he said,

Demonstrating your desire for the job goes a long way!

“We look for people who really want the job. And that sounds really simple to say, but some of the most important people in the organization who shine and are really transformative people were the ones who were almost jumping out of the chair, saying: “I have to be here. I’ve been studying this company. This is all I’ve ever wanted. And if I’m not here, I’m not going to be happy.” Those individuals took that extra step as well to follow through after the interview. We watch how quickly the person follows through, and how much thought they put into how they want to contribute. But how badly do they want the job — I can’t stress that piece enough.

You can read the whole article by clicking here.

Remember – Successful interviews are about showing your red-hot desire for the job and the confidence that is demonstrated in your preparation and research, and most importantly, making the relevant connections between your talent and your past experiences, accomplishments, and results that show why you are the best person for the position you’ve applied.

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