As if job interviews aren’t tough enough already!

My friend Gloria Neal at Channel 4 posted a great blog that addresses the types of questions that are not only inappropriate for an employer to ask during a job interview, but are ILLEGAL to ask.  Click here to read Gloria’s blog that lists illegal questions.

Of course, I believe that most employers are well-versed on the types of questions that are allowable.  The questions were deemed illegal in order to prevent discrimination in hiring based on age, race, gender and sexual orientation.

I remember one time I was interviewing a prospective employee for a Director of Sales position at Frontier Airlines.  They had a very interesting last name and I asked “Where are you from?”  The HR recruiter who was with me grimaced and kicked me under the table and later explained that this was an example of an illegal question.

If you feel you have been discriminated during the hiring process, contact the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission by clicking here

What’s the worst question you’ve ever been asked during a job interview and how did you handle it?

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