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Head of Media Communications

Under minimal supervision, responsible for managing media relations and public relations communication on behalf of Denver Health. The role will communicate the mission, vision, values and key strategies of Denver Health to all audiences. Builds a positive reputation for Denver Health via the media, and manages negative issues and crises to minimize or avoid impact to Denver Health. The role is responsible for maintaining excellent relationships with local and national media and proactively working with internal and external parties to communicate positive content in the media. Manages incoming daily media inquiries, interviews, stories and speaking requests. Coordinates scheduling and staffing of interviews. Makes recommendation on strategy and objectives for media relations for alignment with the chief of marketing communications, and seeks input from other key stakeholders. Leads execution of agreed plans, and creates standard work and best practice. Highly adept in using a comprehensive range of communications channels to deliver consistent messaging to all stakeholders. Anticipates and reacts to issues with the media and other audiences, and adjusts plans / execution as necessary to achieve goals. Communicates and influences at all level of the organization to gather input, achieve buy-in and socialize strategies and plans to promote positive Denver Health stories in the media (TV, print, radio, online, etc.). This position supervises Marketing PR staff positions in media relations.

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