The Associate provides a combination of research, analysis and consulting services to Corona’s customers. This position will have as its primary responsibilities: design of research instruments; developing and implementing sampling plans; research execution; data quality control; statistical analysis and interpretation; and report creation.

We are a highly collaborative research, evaluation, and strategic planning firm, who pride ourselves on the excellence of our work and positive customer experiences. We meet timelines, we are thorough and accurate, and we provide positive client interactions. This teamwork-intensive position requires you to coordinate your activities with other members of the firm. You will work on many projects at once with different combinations of team members on each project; however, you will also have autonomy and the opportunity to direct your work and meet your own deadlines. Because we are a fast-moving, high-touch workplace, we expect you to proactively communicate with others to establish work priorities and ensure that team members know the status of project deliverables.