Are you still in your pajamas waiting anxiously for the new list of jobs to be posted every Monday morning?  And will you scan the list and frantically send resumes and cover letters to the jobs that are posted with the hope that there will be a response?

If this is how your daily job search process goes, I’m begging you to step away from your computer this week.

This might sound strange coming from a guy who runs an online job board, but please realize that online job boards in general are only one part of the job search process.  All too often, they create a false sense of hope and it is incredibly easy to become addicted to them as the only source of leads for your job search.

Job seeking is a FULL CONTACT sport.  It means talking to other people.  It means making cold calls to companies and asking for informational interviews from other professionals.  It means developing new contacts and networks of professionals.  It means taking someone to lunch or connecting with a professional association.

It means taking a few risks with the goal of feeling in control and reclaiming some power in your job search.

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